Revolutionary Army of Sorrenia

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Revolutionary Army of Sorrenia

Flag of the RAS
Active 26/01/14 - present
Headquarters People's Republic of Eurania
Commanding General

The Revolutionary Army of Sorrenia, also known as the RAS, is the official armed forces of the Sorrenian Federation. It was officially created three days after the formation of Sorrenia, on the 10th of October, 2013. Sorrenia is a neutral country, meaning it refrains from engaging in international military operations unless absolutely necessary. The RAS is a defensive organisation that is responsible for maintaining security in Sorrenia. Hypothetically, RAS employs conscription for 18-19 year olds, as the General stated; "For Sorrenia, conscription is a useful measure to employ in the military. It ensures that there is a constant force to defend Sorrenia, and also allows those joining to learn about the military, the country, and instills values such as respect. Conscripts can become a useful part of communities, who can aid those in their local area."

The RAS consists of four Corps:

 • Sorrenian Militia
 • Sorrenian Regular Army
 • Sorrenian Recon Force
 • Sorrenian Navy

Sorrenian Regular Army

Private Corporal Lieutenant Colonel Commanding


Sorrenian Navy

Private Corporal Lieutenant Admiral Commanding



The General is a position in the National Assembly of Sorrenia, and along with the Minister of Defense (MOD), is responsible for the nations security.


As stated before, the RAS is primarily a defensive force. As well as this, they can also help out in the community, acting as a police force, or aid during a national crisis.