Rhys' Island and Her Associated Territories

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Not to be confused with Rhys' Island, an island in the River Blackwater.

Rhys' Island and Her Associated Territories
Rhys' Insel und Ihre Assoziierten Territorien (German)

'Motto: 'Live liberal, live loved, live accomplished.
Anthem: The Red Isles of Anglia
Royal Anthem
God Save The Queen
Capital Rottport
Largest city Crabberfield Wetlands
Official languagesEnglish & German
Demonym(s)Rhysislander, Rhittish, Rouget,
GovernmentParliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Elizabeth II
Joseph Wye
LegislatureSovereign Order of R.I.A.H.A.T
Establishment12 May 2017
• Census
117 (2017 census)
CurrencyPound Sterling (£)
Time zoneRhys' Island Standard Time [RIST] (GMT-010)

Rhys' Island, officially known as Rhys' Island and Her Associated Territories, known as Rhysland when referring to the mainland, is a self-proclaimed dependent territory in the River Blackwater and Steeple Creek, both being in Essex, United Kingdom, it was discovered by Joseph Wye in early 2017, it was based on a small, sandy island with a damp terrain, it is closest to Steeple, a nearby village that borders the river.

The territory is split into 2 different counties, Flustenborough and Rottshire.

There is a province in Rottshire (one of the three counties of the territory), called Rottland, just off the coast of Maldon, it has an estimated population of 2. There is also an archipelago off the coast of Comino in Malta, called The Southern Victoria Islands, which are in the Rhittish Realm. It is controlled by the Maltese government, it has a confirmed population of 0.


As for autonomy, RIAHAT is in the United Kingdom's jurisdiction, councillor of the archipelago is mostly an honourary title but does hold some power both in parliament and independently. Steeple council mainly look after the archipelago, the territory is partially autonomous, when Joseph discovered the island, he quoted; "As the discoverer of this island, I declare that Rhysland shall land in UK jurisdiction, and shall be controlled almost completely by the nation."


As of 2017, Rhys' Island (AHAT) has not been recognised officially, however some British people have acknowledged this territory's existence, but not necessarily along with it's name.


Politics in Rhys' Island (AHAT are left-wing, this is because the majority of Rhysislanders are liberal, communist etc. As of 2017 there are no documented Rhysislanders that are right-wing.

RIAHAT had 3 main parties, the Red Bloom Party (RBP), an Eco-socialist party lead by Joseph Wye, the Democratic Socialist Party (DSP), a Centre-left party lead by Charles Hague, finally, the Communist Frontier, a Far-left Communist party that unfortunately lost its only seat due to the leader, Jacob Wye, resigning.

The political party that governed Rhys' Island from 12 May 2017 - 1 September 2017 was the Red Bloom Party with 3 out of 5 seats in the Parliament of Rhysland, and 2 out of 3 seats in the Rottland Parliament

Rhys' Island abandoned their party system due to it being too "Dysfunctional".

The territory now has a lord protector in charge, Joseph Wye, who administrates and takes care of Rhys' Island.

Size & Demographics


Rhys' Island Mainland is 16.3 hectares bigger than Vatican City, (60.3) however the realm is 70.07 ha.

RIAHAT is a salt marsh, therefore it gets frequently flooded. The Rhysland government are not concerned about this, and claim that this "natural process" should not be hindered.


As of 12 June 2017, Rhysland has been confirmed to have a permanent population of 117, however there are 18 citizens of the archipelago living on the mainland of the UK. There are numerous species of birds that live in Rhysland, such as Brent geese, Grey Plovers, Dunlins and Black-tailed Godwits.


The national sport of Rhys' Island (AHAT) is robot wrestling, a form of wrestling in which two Hex bugs duel each other in an arena, which in Rhysland's case is the M-Stad. The sport was first introduced by Joseph Wye on the 28th May 2017.

There are two leagues in the sport, the Zuperleague, the best league & the league for the most advanced players, and the Roboleague, a league that consists of teams that did not make it in the finals of the competition. There are also several teams, the Rhys' Island Rovers, the Rottport Raiders, Crabberfield Covers, Peterock United and the Strikers. Each team represents the cities/islands of Rhysland.


Climate data for Rottshire, Rhys' Island (AHAT)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 6.5
Average low °C (°F) 0.9
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