Rizky Aulia

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Rizky Aulia
Minister of Roads and Public Transportation
Assumed office
16 September 2011 - 2012
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Office abolished
Minister of National Development
Assumed office
November 2010 - September 2011
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Rafi I (as Minister of National Development and Environment)
Minister of Industry
Assumed office
November 2010 - September 2011
Predecessor Office Created
Successor Rifell Noer (as Minister of Economy and Industry)
Personal information
Born October 1997 (age 25)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Citizenship Indokistan
Nationality Indonesia
Political party People's Social Party (2010-2011)
United People's Party (2011-2012)
Religion Islam

Rizky Aulia was an Indokistani politician who served on various government ministries inside Indokistan during his active years. He was one of the earliest citizen of Indokistan, with some people dubbed him as the "fifth citizen." He was also known with his close relationship with Indokistani founders, mainly Dicky L. K. and Nabil Ihsan.

After accepting his Indokistani citizenship in October 2010, he was appointed as the Minister of Industry and Minister of National Development, a position that he will retain until 2011, when he was repositioned as the Minister of Roads and Transportation.

In the end of Indokistani Second Republic, he was one of the citizens refused to resume to work on his ministry office, and decided to declare retirement and left the country. His action was one of the cause of the crisis that ended with Nabil Ihsan decision to declare emergency and set an Emergency Government in August 2012.

Micronational career

One of the earliest citizen of Indokistan, he accepted Indokistani citizenship in October 2010. His relationship with Nabil Ihsan was helpful on his quick acceptance as citizen. During formation of the first cabinet in November 2010, Rizky was appointed by Nabil to head two ministries simultaneously, which was the Ministry of Industrial affairs, and National Development. Rizky successfully maintained his position on the second cabinet.

During Indokistan-Ntolian War, Rizky was one of the supporter of Indokistani volunteers, with himself join the movement to defend the capital city of Jumstraad during the Battle of Jumstraad against Ntolian invaders in April 2011. Because of his heroism, he was granted "Victorious Battle against Ntolia" medal in May 2012.

Beside on his political career, Rizky's attempt on developing national sports was also known. He set the first National Competition in February 2011 and Football Championship in the end of 2011. He also proposed an Indokistani football team, which was accepted and was invited to became the member of VMSB and was successfully qualified to participating in the 2012 VMSB FA Cup. The National Team sent to the Cup was composed by him.

After formation of the third cabinet in September 2011, he was reappointed to the new post of Ministry of Roads and Public Transportation. He was remain on this position until early-2012, when he refused to continue his work inside the ministry and decided to left the country. Rizky then departed from Indokistan, and declared his retirement from micronationalism in 2012.

Personal life

An avid footballer, he was known as an expert in football, with his great ability to play was an example of Indokistani sportsmanship. He always spent some time on his workday to play football with his team. His love on sports was reflective on his attempt on developing national sports, particularly the football.