Robert Zhang

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His Excellency
Sir Robert Zhang
2nd Prime Minister of Taihan
Leader of the Concordia Association
In office
29 July 2014 - 7 November 2014
Emperor Jiuhong Emperor
Hongde Emperor
Predecessor Thomas To
Successor Prince Zhansheng
Personal information
Born 2 March 1998
New Taipei, Taiwan
Died 7 November 2014 (age 16)
Citizenship Taihan
Nationality  Republic of China
Taihanese (2014)
Religion Daoism

Robert Zhang, also known by his birth name; Zhang Rongbo (張榮博), was a Taihanese politician. He was the second Leader of the Concordia Association and second Prime Minister of Taihan from 29 July until his death on 7 November 2014. Robert Zhang was known to be the country's most foul-mouthed and offensive politician, which has resulted as being removed from a great number of meetings due to his behavior. He was responsible for expanding Taihan's territory.


Zhang was born in New Taipei, Republic of China (Taiwan). He moved to York, United Kingdom when he was at the age of 11. Zhang didn't approve on moving to England due to his culture and his family's legacy. Later on living in York, he met Luke Walker, the future Hongde Emperor in 2013. Luke introduced the micronation of Taihan to Zhang. Robert Zhang joined the Taihanese Government as a minister.

Becoming Prime Minister

Robert Zhang was elected to be Taihan's first ever Prime Minister on 29 July 2014. Later on during prime ministry he led the Concordia Association with 11 members, the CA became in power since it was established until his death. Zhang became responsible for expanding Taihan's territory to a great length, he was known for making Taihan the most powerful micronation in East Asia.


Robert Zhang suffered from central nervous system depression. On 7 November 2014, Zhang took overdose and committed suicide around 10:15 pm at night, his body was founded next morning at 6:00 am in his bedroom, with an empty box of Tylenol medication on the bedside cabinet. On 8 November 2014, many Taihanese citizens including the Imperial family attended to the gates of the Zhang household and place flowers outside the house, the Emperor wrote a condolence letter to Zhang's mother and father in Mandarin Chinese.


Robert Zhang's ashes were scattered on Sun Moon Lake.

Robert Zhang was cremated in the United Kingdom at his funeral on 14 November 2014. His family brought his ashes to Taiwan and scattered them on Sun Moon Lake, where he came to worship at Wen Wu Temple during childhood in Taiwan.