Robertson Sea Conflict

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Robertson Sea Conflict
Date22 September 2018 – 14 November 2018
Robertson Island(s) in Antarctica
-65.103789, -59.929636
Status Ended
Anti-Auvenum Nations
  • Aenderese Republic
  • Nerdystan Republic
  • Kingdom of Kivaria
  • First Kingdom of Matachewan
  • Millanist Rebels
  • Matachewanian Republican Army
  • Commonwealth of Matachewan
Kingdom of Auvenum
Commanders and leaders
William Efton
Jayden Lycon
Wilhelm I
Piotr Harniakiewicz
Brandon Mierzwa
Calvin White
Jay Clover

The Robertson Sea Conflict was a conflict between the Aenderese Republic, Nerdystan Republic, Kingdom of Matachewan and Kingdom of Auvenum. This conflict happened due to land claims within the Aenderese territory of Cyntell and Auvenum province of Kir Islands.

Auvenese Front

The Robertson Sea conflict began during the Matachewan-Nerdystan War. How did it involve Auvenum, the reader may question?

Matachewan declared war on Nerdystan in October 2018, and Piotr Harniakiewicz reached out to Calvin White for help. White immediately ordered for (fictional) forts to be built on the Kir Islands, near Nerdystan's only territory on an island. The plan (below) consisted of creating a belt around Nerdystan with Auvenese ships holding a sea brigade. Some ships were also sent to the west side in case of a flank by Matachewanese ships.

However, after the brigade was called to order in the Robertson Sea by the Prince, Aenderia felt threatened by the Auvenese brigade and immediately began politically attacking Auvenum.

Of course, Matachewan wasn't amused either. Over time, Matachewan conceded to the war and apologized by handing over one of their former provinces, Gowganda, to Nerdystan. Nerdystan refused but Auvenum occupied it for over a month.

Over time, Brandom Mierzwa of Matachewan abdicated in Matachewan and created a new country out of it; the Commonwealth of Matachewan. Over time, the former Matachewan dissolved and the Commonwealth asked Auvenum for Gogwanda back. Auvenum refused and said that occupation is only temporary.

Then came the 'White Scandals' where Prince White was accused of trying to IP snoop William Efton and Nick Randouler using Tom Kap as a plaintiff. The mission was eventually botched when Tom Kap betrayed White and defected to the other side. White was banned on MicroWiki for a week.

The Commonwealth of Matachewan ultimately began several assaults on Gogwanda to reclaim their lost territory. However, the Matachewanese Military was no match for the Auvenese military, and their several assaults in Gogwanda failed miserably until one day, Jay Clover sent the troops to assault the Matachewanese troops in East Montreal but failed miserably. The positions of the Matachewanese were broken, but the Matachewans ultimately disarmed the Auvenese troops. Shortly after, the Treaty of Timmins was signed, handing over Gogwanda back to Matachewan and ending the Matachewan Front.

However, after the White Scandals, Max Schroeder, the former Prime Director of Auvenum, resigned and left Auvenum. A week later, he announces that he will be seceding all of the Kir Islands, citing that the Kir Islands were 100% Kivarian and needed to be independent. This was factually incorrect, as after Max Schroeder left, so was his Auvenese authority. Long conflicts ran dry and the attempt to give Kivaria certain islands failed. A plan was written up by Nicholas Milan, and it included giving part of Cyntell to Auvenum, yet Aenderia refused to cite that Aenderia had nothing to do with this conflict. However, Aenderia did support Auvenum during this time, stating that Kir Islands should be independent, but not use Auvenese territories.

Eventually, after countless times making deals with Kivaria, White struck a deal with Max S, giving him three of the five islands in the Kir Island chain. The Kivarians deemed this conflict as the "War of Kivarian Succession," and was highly regarded as false propaganda.

The conflicts then quickly came to a close.

Kivarian Conflict

However, some believe this conflict escalated after the White Scandals, when former Prime Director of Auvenum, Maximilian I (changed alias to Wilhelm I) decided to resign his position with the Auvenese government and leave Auvenum. A week later, he notified Calvin White that he will be seceding part of the Kir Islands to create his own nation, the Kingdom of Kivaria.

It was argued by many that Kivaria should be independent, but not take away Auvenese territories. Of course, Wilhelm was persistent in attempting to secede from Auvenum, especially after Article 16 ( Administrative Regional Treason Act ) of the constitution was passed a few weeks before. Many plans were drawn up by micronations, and arguably the best one was the one by Nicolas Milan of Millania. This plan included giving Auvenum the islands of Kinatoure and Voka and a part of northern Cyntell, whilst Kivaria gets the rest of the Kir Islands and Aenderia gets southern Cyntell. However, Aenderia was skeptical to losing part of their territory to Auvenum, yet Aenderia deems their territory an unnecessary part of their country and later became an overseas territory.

The schisms later came to an end between Kivaria and Auvenum when Prince White offered three of his islands, Napalm (only recently named), Jir, and the other unnamed island to Kivaria. Wilhelm was persistent at first but was later convinced by Prince White.

The conflict continues as of December due to the failure of Kivaria. Claims were retracted from the Kir Islands yet remained in Coronation, re-establishing the far-right Republic of Rhodesia. Wilhelm (or Maximilian) I created an organization on November 20 named the "Unrecognized Micronations" and signed a treaty saying that no one, especially Auvenum (yes, that was written in the document) is allowed to claim the Kir Islands.

There were two issues with that document:

1) Auvenum has previously bombed their recent fictional military base in Jir Island in November 15 (believed), which was uninhabited. Originally, the plan was to destroy and equipment which was too late to get back, but they decided to destroy it instead. A day later, the Auvenese military made landfall on Jir Islands and pushed to reclaim the island. The island was officially reclaimed by Auvenum. However, no Kivarian official had tried to stop them nor a response was delivered until December. A day later, the Auvenese forces pushed back to retake the territories of former Kivaria. Three days later, on November 20, the Unrecognized Micronations Treaty was signed, and it made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

2) A fictional piece of paper which was only taken into effect by one organization with only one member in it, Rhodesia, doesn't stop future micronations from potentially claiming the Kir Islands. It was said by Anthony Clark himself, that micronations claim other micronations' land all the time.

Aenderese Stance

The Aenderese Republic mainly showed neutrality in the conflict, but certain issues such as the Kivarians (sidenote: never happened) claiming all of Auvenum were highly unfavored by many in Aenderia, which was rare noting the past history and hostilities Aenderia had with Auvenum led the Aenderians to usually oppose anything the Auvenese were in support of. This is the only time ever in history the Aenderese have openly supported (very slightly) the Auvenese in a poltical crisis.

The Aenderese Republic was also against a suggestion by Groponigen leader Wilma Schinzen that would involve portions of Cyntell being annexed into Auvenum, claiming that “we [the Aenderese] had no direct impact and were neutral for much of the time in the conflict and we did not conspire to take any land from any nation, so why should we have to give land?” The Auvenese Government responded with an informal statement saying that the claims were only an idea and were not final, however the Aenderese soon accused the Auvenese of attempting to force the suggestion into effect as future maps created by the Auvenum Governent to suggest the proposed outcome of the crisis showed portions of Cyntell being annexed into Auvenum.

Matachewanian Front

Propaganda Poster from Matachewan

After the Matachewan-Nerdystanian War, the Province of Gowgadna was occupied by the Kingdom of Auvenum. This, in turn, ticked off the Matachewanians that demanded Auvenum give the land back. Which they didn't for a couple of months. Before Auvenum returned Gowganda, Matachewan lead many unsuccessful assaults on Gowganda after losing a majority of the skirmishes Matachewan finally dug in for the winter. Jay Clover ordered the troops stationed in Gowganda to assault the Matachewanian positions in East Montreal (Modern Day Lower Matachewan). This assault did break Matachewanian lines but in the following week Matachewan incircled the Auvenese troops and disarmed them.

The fictional fighting ended after the Treaty of Timmins (2) and Gowganda was given back to Matachewan. Now Gowganda is no longer Matachewanian so the battlegrounds are now inside Canada.

(This was one of Matachewan's first fictional wars).

End of the Conflict

Auvenum's Side

Auvenese citizens have a pretty shallow remembrance of the conflict. Auvenese people believe that the White Scandals in October shattered connections with Nerdystan and potential connections with Aenderia. Matachewanians as well was unhappy with it but did nothing otherwise. There was a long period of silence between the two nations.

Eventually, the Auvenese military pushed occupation out of the Gowgandian province in Matachewan, creating a potential gate for relations in the future. Nerdystan and Aenderia however, were tried to be repaired but alas, have failed miserably. The same went for Matachewan.

The Kingdom of Matachewan was eventually taken control of by another ruler, and Brandon Mierzwa split off to create the Commonwealth of Matachewan.

Eventually, relations with Matachewan began to improve until on December 3, 2018, Auvenum and the Commonwealth of Matachewan signed a recognition treaty, and are looking forward to an alliance. Matachewan and Auvenum have plans to design an ally organization similar to the UN or NATO.

It is believed that after Auvenese occupations of Gowganda in Matachewan was repealed, the conflict came to a close.

Matachewan's Side

The end of the Matachewan-Nerdystanian War saw Matachewan lose territory to Auvenum but in the following months after the Second Treaty of Timmins or the Treaty of Timmins (2). Matachewan was finally given back Gowganda. After heavy opposition in government from Owen Leski, Brandon Mierzwa abdicated. Brandon, his high ranking generals, and his fellow monarchists created the Commonwealth of Matachewan to escape the corruption Republics can bring and persecution from the Republican Government. Brandon Mierzwa sought to repair relations with Auvenum. He was successful because, on December 3, 2018, the Commonwealth of Matachewan and the Kingdom of Auvenum signed a recognition treaty, and are looking forward to an alliance. The Republic of Matachewan no longer exists because after the Matachewan-Matachewan War the Commonwealth of Matachewan annex parts of the Republic and created the New Prussian Confederation as a puppet. I would like to say that after the Matachewan-Matachewan War the Matachewanian Front finally came to a close.

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