Rocky Mountain Confederation

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The Rocky Mountain Confederation, abbreviated as the RMC, was an Inter-micronational organization, founded by the United States of the Rocky Mountains on January 27, 2021 and dissolved in early 2022 when it was merged with the now severely inactive Organization of Free Nations. The RMC was an organization specializing in bringing secessionist nations together, keeping the peace, and founded on the actual definition of a micronation, from Wikipedia: "A micronation is a political entity whose members claim that they belong to an independent nation or sovereign state lacking legal recognition by world governments or major international organizations."


The Micro Confederation

The Micro Confederation was founded on September 20, 2020, as a way to bring micronations together, and form a legitimate micronational organization, open to everyone. It fell into inactivity about two months later, as no one but the founding nation, the United States of the Rocky Mountains, aka the USRM, was active. It was dissolved on October 28, 2020.