Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party

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Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party
Páirtí Poblachtach Sóisialach na Roscamistan (Irish)
PresidentLudwig Collins
Vice PresidentMay Collins
FoundersLudwig Collins
May Collins
Jan Kotoński
Founded20 October 2022 (originally)
18 January (reapproved)
Dissolved16 January 2023 (disputed)
12 February 2023 (By the Ministry of the Interior)
Split fromRepublican Bloc
Headquarters Galway City, Roscamistan
NewspaperGalwegian News Network
Membership (2023)2
Anti-Dubliner sentiment
Political positionLeft-wing
National affiliationCoalition for Democratic Unity
International affiliationYellow International
SloganTogether, we can construct a better future.
0 / 9
Chamber of Representatives
0 / 16
Provincial Governments
1 / 11
Party flag

The Roscamistan Republican Socialist Party (Irish: Páirtí Poblachtach Sóisialach na Roscamistan) was a socialist and republican party in Roscamistan, headquartered in Galway City. The party was founded on 20 October 2022 after splitting from the ruling party, Republican Bloc. The RRSP was affiliated with the Ballinfoylish Fatherland Front. It controlled no seats in the Chamber of Representatives and controlled the provincial Government of Ennis at dissolution.


After a few months of back and forth arguing about economics with President Thomas Jacobs, Vice President Ludwig Collins founded the Motherland Front, an extension of the socialist and traditionalist ideology Collinism. Later, May Collins and Jan Kotoński, both socialists, would join, giving the party a seat in both the Senate and the Chamber of Representatives. The foundation of the party caused massive resentment from the higher-ups in the Republican Bloc leadership, and called for its censure and even banning, over its former use of the Wolfsangel and the existence of a paramilitary wing, banned nationally. In the 4th chamber election, the RRSP gained one extra seat. The RRSP was dissolved alongside all other Roscami parties by Ali Farrokhzad during the 2023 Roscami coup d’etat. However, the dissolution was not recognised by any RRSP members, and the leader was not directly informed that the party was to be dissolved. RRSP leader Ludwig Collins claims that the party was illegally dissolved and thus never dissolved.


The RRSP followed Ludwig Collins Thought, the ideology of its party leader Ludwig Collins.