Empire of Rosemia

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Empire of Rosemia


Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
'Motto: 'God Save the Emperor
Anthem: God Save the Emperor
Canada and Greenland
CapitalGraysomia (on Hans Island)(2020-2023)
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• Emperor
HIM Carl Ⅰ
EstablishmentFebruary 2020
• 2022 census
CurrencyRosemian Dollar

The Empire of Rosemia is a micronation established in 2020. Rosemia will be inactive until 2021. Rosemia declared independence on July 16, 2021, after Naveria was dissolved on July 15, 2021.


First Rule

Rule of Emperor Carl I (2020 to Present)

After the establishment of the empire, it became a protectorate of Naveria and a member of the Commonwealth. However, when Naveria disbanded in July 2021, it again declared independence.

Abdication of Carl I and accession of Clemens I

Grand Duke Clemens was appointed to replace Carl I, who was busy.However, he abdicated less than three months after Emperor Carl I ascended the throne and returned to the Grand Duke.

2022 Imperial Representative Resolution

He will meet with Franz Ⅱ on August 15 and visit Harvest= Dassau in September. This is my fourth visit since I have visited three times in the past.Franz II's partner, Eary, was awarded the Duchess of Carverick, the first aristocrat, after returning from her third visit.He is also scheduled to visit the remote governorate of Azbear and the state of Carverick. Mary von Schcharaberg joined the empire in August and became the Duchess of Schcharaberg. She was then appointed secretary general of the Imperial Household.Rosemia and Parthia broke up on August 31.Karl, the emperor, announced that he would move in 2023, buy a new house in 2022, and name it Cheaton.The capital moved from Greysomia to Cheaton, and the gradual revival of the empire was declared on 16 November 2022.Parthia and Rosemia had adopted the coalition, but after consulting with the emperor's acquaintance, Army Major General Max Hunt, they conducted a survey of the people of the empire and confirmed that there were six residents and three honorary citizens.He was also quick to help the Rosemia Olympic Committee and Ukraine recapture Helson.The Imperial Foreign Ministry issued a statement calling for Russia's expulsion from the U.N. permanent membership and the punishment of President Putin and all his supporters.The Imperial Foreign Ministry announced that it would not establish diplomatic relations with Russia's anti-government groups and countries that support Ukraine and support Belarus.In addition, the government announced that it would enact a new Imperial Security Law that would provide preemptive strikes against hostile countries and military assistance to allies in the event of a national crisis.

Concept of the establishment of Nelsia

Nelsia was invented by Carl and aimed to form the government of the Royal Republic.However, Nelsia has stopped at the initiative to make Cheaton, the capital of Rosemia, a territory in 2023.However, without the king, it is considered that a lifetime presidency and a multi-party system will be established.The kings include Charles III of England and Nicholas, a former King of Bozar and now a Rosemia nobleman. The early Burgada adopted an electoral monarchy by the emperor and his acquaintances. Burgada was crowned the first king by King Enenchius I. The Bulgada National Council was dissolved by Enenkios I. Enenchio I was deposed by the National Council.After his abdication, Prince Carl's friend, Duke Donecki, was elected king as King Enenkios II.



The Monarch rules over Rosemia, and assumes the role of Prime Minister in subservient principalities. Peerage System of Rosemia

Imperial Chancellor

It was established by replacing it with the Imperial Regent.not here at the moment.


The Cabinet consists of the Imperial Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, the Minister of National Defense, the Secretary-General of the Imperial Household, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Finance.

Diplomatic Relations

Diplomatic relations with other countries are controlled by the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the name of the Emperor.The Foreign Minister has jurisdiction over diplomats and ministry officials.


Administrative Divisions

Name Territorial Flag Type Size Population Leadership Date of Founding
Principality of Mustavia Protectorate
Grand Duchy of Parthia Protectorate km2 3 Grand Duke HSH Carl I July 1, 2020


The empire is protected by small coastal guards and the army. The supreme commander of the Imperial Army is Emperor Carl I. The Army and Coast Guard are controlled by the Minister of National Defense in the name of the Emperor.