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Roupica Democratic and Republic
Rouhiha Dehohrahih ah Rehuhhi
4 September 2021-5 December 2021
Motto: Ih huh ho hahhy!
StatusReformed to Paxaris
Demonym(s)Roupican (4 September) Roupicar (5 September and after)
• President
FT (Nickname for Xander Mintz)
• Declaration of Independence
4 September 2021
• Census
2 (2021)
Today part of

Roupica was a micronation in inland Michigan, and was the first micronation created by Xander Mintz.


The name Roupica does not have an etymology, as Xander Mintz did not know about etymologies at the time, who created up a random name.


Roupica's land consisted of 6 Michigan counties. Clare, Isabella, Gratiot, Clinton, Shiawassee, and Genesee. They were based off how he thought he traveled up to their houses.


Roupica was formed on the 4th of September, 2021, after Xander Mintz learned about micronations. After that, Roupica created a YouTube channel describing the nation.

Name change

Roupica changed it's name to Golania for a few months, but the Golani government didn't function any different.

Great Paxari Reforms

Between late 2021 to early 2022, Golania enacted a series of reforms that ended up wildly differing Paxaris and Golania. The name, flag, and much more was changed.


The government of Roupica was never fully established, but at it's first founding, Mintz wanted to be a president like the President of the United States.

Foreign Relations

Roupica interacted with Aeternia a lot, but never fully established diplomatic relations with them. The only micronation Roupica had mutual relations with was Wilance, the predecessor to Terredepaix andSylnovia.

Impact on modern-day Paxaris

The day Roupica was founded on 4 September is still celebrated as Paxaris Day. Paxaris also takes it's Key of Tranquility and Peace from Roupica.


Roupica had a small YouTube channel, from where Xander would post updates. The Roupicar channel was where the very first piece of public media Xander made was released. The channel was later repurposed for Paxaris.

War Ally Security Alliance

The War Ally Security was an alliance founded by Roupica and Wilance. It never took off but later became the Union of Peace, which did. Categry:Paxaris