Route Connection 14

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Route Connection 14
Rivershore Highway
Route information
Maintained by Ministry of Transportation
Length 1.54 km (0.94 mi)
Existed June 2019 – present
Paradise City, North Bend, Isadora, Colorado Depot
Major Junctions
Wegmat Route 1
Wegmat Route 4
Provincial Road 2
Provincial Road 10

Route Connection or RC 14 is a Route Connection in Essef and Hilda. It is the longest route connection.

Route Description


RC 14 begins at Wegmat Route 1 in Muse in Paradise City where it travels north to Des Plaines Upper Thatcher it intersects Provincial Road 2 in an unincorporated area then continues into North Bend. It crosses the border into Isadora.


It reaches Isadora then travels along the Hilda River until reaching Colorado Depot where it terminates in Colorado Depot with Wegmat Route 4.

RC 14 in the Hilda River Valley.

Exit List

Province City Exit Number Road
Essef Muse 1 Wegmat Route 1
Essef Unincorporated 2 Provincial Road 2
Essef Unincorporated 3 Des Plaines National Park
Essef Unincorporated 4 Rest Area
Essef North Bend 5 North Bend Regional Airport
Essef North Bend 6 Provincial Road 6
Essef North Bend 7 River Shore Avenue
Hilda Isadora 8 Nechlington Street
Hilda Isadora 9 Kenwich Street
Hilda Isadora 10 Hilda Avenue
Hilda Des Plaines 11 border|23pxProvincial Road 9
Hilda Des Plaines 12 border|23px Provincial Road 6
Hilda Unincorporated 13 Rest Area
Hilda Colorado Depot 17 Railroad Avenue
Hilda Colorado Depot Northern Terminus Wegmat Route 4