Royal Hill

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Grand Duchy of Royal Hill

Official language: Holcetaean English
Date founded:

Number of citizens: ?
Number of active citizens: ?

Religion: Roman Catholicism
Government: Monarchy
Current leader: HIM Emperor John I Grand Duke of Royal Hill, HIH Princess Ellen Viceroy of Royal Hill
Currency: Imperial Oro, O<

Demonym: Holcetaeans
National animal: Brittany Spaniel
National food: Bobby Bread
National drink: 1919 Root Beer
Nation's Total GDP: ?

The capitol of the Eastern Kingdom of Holcetaea. It is the largest city in the Empire of Holcetaea and is the jewel of the Empire and Kingdom. King Steven I of Eastern Holcetaea created his son Emperor John I Grand Duke of Royal Hill as part of the peace treaty after John and Chris defeated Steven and occupied Tagtmeier Palace. Currently the Emperor's sister serves as Viceroy of Royal Hill.