Royal House of Carlsen

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Noble House of Carlsen
Adelshuset af Carlsen
Noble Family
Parent familyN/A
Current regionw:United States United States of America
Place of originClinton, Iowa
FoundedMay 1944; 79 years ago (1944-05)
FounderKing August II and Queen Ardelle
Current headArchduke Chris
  • Queen of New Bavaria (1944)
  • Majesty
  • Royal Grace
  • Grace
Connected membersQueen Ardelle
Cadet branchesRoyal House of Rettkowski-Carlsen

The Royal House of Carlsen was founded in Clinton, Iowa in May 1944 thanks to the marriage of His Late Majesty (then Highness Crown Prince), King August II and then Princess Ardelle. King August II granted his wife's family to be a noble family via Royal Charter. The Head of the House is called the Archduke/Archduchess of Carlsen, the current head and Archduke is Chris Carlsen. The House has deep roots tracing Denmark.


The official members of the House are the founders and their children and pets such as dogs, cats, etc.

  • HM Ardelle
  • HRG Archduke V. V. Carlsen
    • HRG Archduke Chris Carlsen

Family Tree

Family tree of the House

King August II
B: 1920
D: 1996
Queen Ardelle
B: 1925
D: 2014
Archduke V. V. Carlsen
B: 1929
D: 2016
Archduke Chris
B: 1956


Major Titles

  • Queen of New Bavaria

Minor Titles

N / A

List of Monarchs of the Noble House of Carlsen

Crowns/Coronets Picture/Portrait Titles Name Reign Notes
N / A Queen of New Bavaria Ardelle 1925–2014 Queen Consort

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