Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg

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Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg
Coat of arms
Motto: Ex Septem Populus, unus Regnum
Anthem: From The Seven Divided Nations
Gotzmap shadedoutline sm.png
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional Monarchy
• Royal Chancellor
Liam Sinclair
• King
August Charles II
LegislatureChamber of Deputies (currently disolved)
Establishment14 Mar 2004 (as Internet micronation)
• Census
23 (July 2010)
CurrencyGotzborg Thaler
Time zoneUTC-6:30
Website Forum

The Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg is an Anglophone Internet micronation that was brought online by its founder, August Charles II in 2004. It quickly rose to prominence throughout the simulationist community, known particularly for its fair-handed diplomacy and extensive system of honours and heraldry. After a three-year long hiatus that began in April 2007, the micronation returned to activity in 2010.


See main article: History of Gotzborg
The Kingdom of Gotzborg was proclaimed in 1670 of a union between the Archduchy of Reichlau, the Grand Duchies of Kerinberg, Salm, Markham, Alhemia, Lonenberg and the Duchy of Montin. The Archduke, as the senior noble of the Union of Seven Nations was proclaimed King of Gotzborg in Dundam. In commemoration of the new Kingdom, the capital of the Archduchy was changed from Dundam to Reichstadt.

The nation entered micronationalism in 2004, after the King became involved in the hobby in 2003.

Administrative Divisions

The capital of Gotzborg is Lonenberg.


  • Archduchy of Reichlau
  • Grand Duchy of Kerinberg
  • Grand Duchy of Salm
  • Grand Duchy of Alhemia
  • Grand Duchy of Markham
  • Grand Duchy of Lonenberg
  • Duchy of Montin
  • Archduke of Aremberg
  • Grand Duchy of Lucerne
  • Duchy of Altamore
  • Duchy of Abrantes
  • Archduchy of Courland
  • Duchy of Montefeltro
  • Duchy of Stathearn
  • Kronland/Royal Desmesne (Administrative Region, run by the King's Lord Steward)
The flag of the Royal Colony of Lusatia.


  • Royal Colony of Lusatia
  • Royal Colony of Ansbach


Judicial Branch

High Court of the Realm - one Justice Appointed by the King, one by the Chamber of Deputies. 159-Article Code of Criminal Law outlines basic laws and punishments.

Executive Branch

The Head of State is His Royal Majesty, King August Charles II (since 14 August 1989) while the Head of Government is currently the Royal Chancellor, His Grace Sir Christopher Harris-Till, Count Montrose.

No elections are held as the monarchy is hereditary and the monarch chooses the Royal Chancellor.

Cabinet or Royal Ministers are appointed by the monarch on the recommendation of the Royal Chancellor.

Legislative Branch

Unicameral Chamber of Deputies (5 seats; elected by popular vote under a system of direct representation; members serve six-month terms (currently operating with all citizens as members). No elections have been held yet to date.

Foreign relations

Goztborg has participated in the Raspur Conference on Intermicronational Cooperation (RAMIC), Scheheradze Convention on Micronational War, Aremberg-Velsen Conference and the Micro Exchange 2 (MX2).

Tensions between the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg and the Republic of Anthelia with respect to the issue of cross-border currency exchange between those two micronations heated up in August 2005 due to brazing comments by Anthelia's Central Bank director Mr. Mark Marks. Gotzborg's inaction to appease Anthelian demands in this dispute led the Republic to abandon its currency exchange policy in favour of using PHP MicroXchange to facilitate intermicronational trade in September 2005.


As of 16 October 2005, the following micronations are engaged, or are qualified to engage, in trade with the Royal Kingdom:

  • Sovereign Imperial Republic of Natopia
  • Independent Region of Mayo
  • Libertad
  • The Aralanic Empire of Aryez
  • Het Rijk


The currency of the nation is the Gotzborg Thaler (GTh).

MicroXchange Currency Conversions

The Gotzborg Home Office currently enforces a policy of allowing currency exchange between Gotzborg and only those micronations whose [MicroXchange]currency rates fall within .7000 to 1.3999 of the Gotzborg Thaler.

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