Royal Morkskovian Army

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The landmark first defensive implement in the Morkskovian Trebuchet Brigade, now consisting of roughly 150 such implements.

The Royal Morkskovian Army is the main defensive force of the Kingdom of Morkskovia, defensive being the term because as of yet, Morkskovian Warriors have never invaded or attacked another nation. The Army was founded the day of Morkskovia's birth, on December 14, 2008, and has the slowest relative development of all branches of Morkskovian Administration.


The Royal Army of Morkskovia currently consists of the defensive Trebuchet Brigade, and also a newer addition to the department is that of the Pike Brigade, capable of defensive or offensive combat. More brigades of various types will be added as the army grows in strength and size.

Its head is Daniel Brown.


On the date of Morkskovia's formal founding, the King and his four advisors also enacted the formation of the Royal Morkskovian Army to protect the motherland from foreign invaders, at all costs. In the beginning, the only chapter of the Army was the Axe Dragoon, consisting of ten Axe-wielding men. After the army grew to about fifty, the focus was more on defending the capital stockade rather than the entire motherland, as this was the center of the Administrative offices.

On March 23, 2009, Morkskovia's first defensive machine was installed near the stockade. This was to become a brigade of 150 Trebuchets all along the field's edge to the west and in the forests to the east, north, and south, poised and ready to defend the stockade by hurling 50 pound shots at a distance of up to 500 yards.

Also on March 23, the Axe dragoon was disbanded in favour of a Pike Brigade.


First phase of Watchtower construction. Stilts are added later to fit the land on which the tower is placed.

Currently the Morkskovian Army is in Peacetime, and is not on watch or on guard or anything of the sort. The Army's main function in peacetime is to explore the frontier and find building supplies, as well as the job of a few higher-ranked officers, that of recruiting citizens of the Kingdom.

Current Morkskovian Military Status