Royal standard of Baustralia

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Royal Standard of Baustralia

The Royal Standard of Baustralia refers to flags used by John in his capacity as sovereign of Baustralia, and her commonwealth realms.

Though universally known as a standard, it is actually a banner of arms comprised of the royal arms of the monarch. Commonwealth realms which do not have their own standard for the monarch will use the Royal Standard of Baustralia.


The flag must only be raised when the monarch is on the property. The flag may not be hoisted to half-mast, even during the demise of the Crown, because there is always a reigning monarch. It must not be flown upside down, except if the monarchy were to fall. The flag must be folded into thirds, then into quarters. If it is desecrated, it shall be burned.

Use in Baustralia

Emulation of the standard flying.

The flag is flown when at the monarch's resedencies when the monarch is present. If the owner of a private residency or building requests, the standard can be hoisted if the monarch is present.

It comprises of a saltire azure with the first quadrant displaying three sprigs of maple leaf, two gules, and one azure, on a field of or. Second, a fouled anchor argent on a field of sable. Third, two stars argent surrounding a eagle argent on a field of azure. Forth, the rank insignia of an admiral of the fleet or on a field of sable.

Other standards

Prince(ss)es of the royal family receive their own banner on their 18th birthday. An exception was made for Princess Katelynn, Duchess of Concord. They are variants of the Royal Standard with a three point label with designating symbols.

Standard Member of the Royal Family Description
Prince John, Duke of Kingston A three-point label, signifying parent of the monarch, the second point charged with a royal crown.
Princess Katelynn, Duchess of Concord A three-point label, signifying a sibling of the monarch, the second point charged with a blue anchor.
Other members, either non-armigerous or not of age Edged with ermine

Colonial standards

(for comparison)
 Ostreum  Wangatangia  Fox Islands

Older versions

Standard Description
Standard of John, used before the creation of the royal cypher
Standard of John, used before the creation of the royal standard
First royal standard.