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St.Charlie Action News

Action News title screen
Branding SC1 Action News
Slogan The News Station
Channels Official St.Charlie YouTube Channel
Subchannels St.Charlie 1
Owner St.Charlie Broadcasting Network
First air date July 12, 2010
Total 17
Head Reporter 1
Reporters 4
Correspondents 12
Sante Carbone
General Information
Picture format 4:3 SDTV
Distribution Internet television
Official site

The St.Charlie Action News (often abbreviated in SCAN) is the main news channel of the St.Charlie Broadcasting Network, aired on St.Charlie 1, which first transmitted on July 12 2010.

On August 15, 2010, it was made public that the Action News will adopt an official studio, and that broadcasting will take place in the city of Bydgoszcz, Poland. The first episode from this new studio was expected to be aired on September 5, 2010. However, the production of the show was later interrupted.

Action News covers the latest relevant and important news from the micronational world, with more emphasize on St.Charlian internal matters.


First episodes

The idea of creating a St.Charlian News Program dates back to January 2009, when the first YouTube Channel for the Federal Republic of St.Charlie was created. The Action News opening was first made public on December 15, 2009. It was created by Alexander Reinhardt, using custom graphics and the Seven News Australia 2004 theme.

The first episode of St.Charlie Action News, however, was not made until July 12. It was just 86 seconds in length and reported a case of "internet blackouts" in the borough of Branson, District. From mid-2010, Minister of Culture Fabiana Gallo della Loggia began to work unofficially for the SCAN as chief anchorwoman. The second episode was broadcasted on July 14, lasting 231 seconds and airing PM Reinhardt's speech concerning Operation Luxemburg.

Improvement plans

On August 5, 2010, Patryk Adam Bronisz proposed to create a news program live from Bydgoszcz, Poland. After approval from Reinhardt and Gallo della Loggia, discussions began, and it was decided that the program's name would have been abbreviated to "SCAN". Later on September 4, Bronisz discovered major technical problems within the production studios and declared he was unable to start the season, thus suspending the program even before starting. On the same day he resigned from the title of Director.

Following the interruption of the plans Fabiana Gallo della Loggia was nominated director again on September 5.

Sections under the Bronisz plan

Each episode was expected to run four separate sections: Latest news, Micronational news, World news and a special section with a guest.

The latest news section was expected to talk about the most important St.Charlian news of the day. The micronational news section, on the other hand, was planned to cover general news of the wider micronational world. Lastly, the world news section included macronational news, and therefore, important events that are not relevant to micronationalism.

The special section invited a guest, who would have either come to the studio or talked via Skype. However, the guest section was only due to appear in special episodes, which would have been aired on significant dates and festivities such as independence days, anniversaries and New Year's Eve.


Head Reporter



Correspondents played a key part under Bronisz. However, the idea was later dropped by Gallo della Loggia. Now it has become a "part-time" position: correspondents are not really part of the staff, and intervene only when asked.

List of episodes

Nr Date Main topic Description Link to video
1 July 12, 2010 Internet blackouts A report on recent cuts on internet connection in the city of District by internet provider Fastweb See
2 July 14, 2010 Operation Luxemburg Speech by Prime Minister Reinhardt regarding Operation Luxemburg See
3 September 13, 2010 Bronisz's resignation Interview with Alexander Reinhardt about Patryk Adam Bronisz resignation from the office of the director of the SCAN See
4 January 1, 2011 Nicolò Alvisi's first interview Interview with Nicolò Alvisi on his election as Prime Minister of St.Charlie See
5 January 2, 2011 Alexander Reinhardt's last official speech Recording of Reinhardt's last speech as Prime Minister of St.Charlie See



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