Secundomian Libertarian Party

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This article is about the Secundomian Libertarian Party or Spencer's Super Awesome Party of Super Awesomeness, founded by Spencer I. For the party founded by Seth I, see Secundomian Liberal Party. For the dominant libertarian political party in Secundomia, see Secundomian Conservative Party.

Secundomian Libertarian Party
ChairmanParker I
FoundedSeptember 2010
Preceded bySecundomian Conservative Party
HeadquartersMiddle Secundomia
IdeologyDemocratic Conservatism, Individualism, Libertarianism

The Secundomian Libertarian Party (SSAPSA) was a Secundomian Political Party founded by Spencer I to carry a party banner in the September 2010 elections. Spencer split from the Secundomian Conservative Party after again losing its nomination to Luke of Secundomia. He was the only member of the party.



The Libertarian Party was founded as "Spencer's Super Awesome Party of Super Awesomeness" during the September 2010 Secundomian Elections as a campaign and publicity stunt get Spencer I elected President of Secundomia after he failed to be nominated by the Conservative Party. This gambit was largely unsuccessful as Spencer lost much of the Conservative vote to Luke and the independents broke for Parker I who would go on to win the September elections.

Later Elections

The SSAPSA was renamed the Secundomian Libertarian Party for the November 2010 Elections. The party maintained the SSAPSA acronym to prevent confusion with the Secundomian Liberal Party. Despite this reorganization, the party was still unsuccessful in gaining support in November, nominating Spencer I once again for president. However, in 2011 Spencer began to see a rise in the polls after Parker's struggles to maintain an active electorate. Spencer was favored in 2011 but lost to Parker by 1 vote. After the 2011 elections the SSAPSA became dormant as an opposition party. Spencer was largely inactive in Secundomia in the coming years, thus so were the Libertarians.


The SSAPSA had little difference in terms of political ideology with the Conservative Party. The SSAPSA espoused conservative and libertarian beliefs. In Secundomian politics the party was largely against the power exercised by Parker and Luke after the July elections, forming an important opposition to the Conservatives.