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Province of Duschvaria
Flag of Sachsburg
Established3 November 2018
 • RepresentativeHM Mason I
 • Total6 (2 animals)

The County of Sachsburg (Sachsburg) is the capital city and major state of Duschvaria. It is located in Tennessee. It is also the seat of the Monarch of the Grand Duchy. It was formally located in Ohio.


The province of Sachsburg was formally American Land until Duschvaria declared independence on November 3, 2018. The Declaration of Independence declared that it was the Capital of the Grand Duchy. It got its name from the German Word "Sachsenland" which means Saxony.

The location of Sachsburg soon changed from Ohio to the state of Tennessee in the late spring of May 2019.

Following the change of government, it has become capital of the Duschvarian Reich.

The Flag symbolizes the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the colors have no real meaning. But the Iron Cross serves as a nod to the German Nod of the Name.