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Grand President
Saleh A.H
Official portrait of Saleh A.H, c. 2022, credited to António V.
1st President of Olov
Assumed office
20 June 2021
Preceded byOffice established
1st Prime Minister of Pertiwi
Assumed office
14 October 2022
PresidentRafa Alfiyan
Preceded byOffice established
1st Minister of Propaganda of Olov
Assumed office
21 June 2021
Preceded byOffice established
6th President of Zarkyiv
Assumed office
20 October 2022
Prime MinisterManggala Alif Prasetia
Preceded byNyck Bradaten
4th President of Worrell
Assumed office
14 November 2022
Preceded byMatthew Cunningham
8th Deputy Prime Minister of The Land of The Bears
In office
11 November 2022 – 19 November 2022
Preceded bySapphireMMX
Succeeded byLouie CEO of Space Force
Personal details
NationalityIndonesian, Olovian
Political partyOlovian National Party
AwardsMedal of Courage
Medal of Honour
Medal of Service
Military service
Allegiance Olov
Service O.N.M
Years of service2021-present

Saleh A.H (born 29 April) is an Indonesian-born Olovian statesman, first and current president of Olov, and incumbent Olovian minister of propaganda. He has been also involved in other micronations which includes as Fontasia, Qardasha, Zarkyiv, Ela'r'oech, Zeprana, Cycoldia, and Pochehova. Saleh A.H is known for his particular strong nationalist passion throughout his journey, Saleh also holds as prime minister in Pertiwi. He is also well known for his nationalistic-opposition against Zeprana and the United Socialist Republic.

Specifically, Saleh holds several offices within internationally unrecognized governments. His main political-beliefs are nationalism, militarism, and patriotism.

Personal life

Saleh was born on April 29, 2008, and is the eldest son from his nuclear family. Aside from micro-nationalism, Saleh is known for being a part of the Habsyi clan.

Micronational career

Establishment of the Habasyah Sultanate

Saleh A.H begun to spread the acknowledgement of micronationalism in his community, when he was the class-president in his class. Saleh has also acknowledge secessionism then. He later decided to make his own micronation as a self-governing state project.

Following his acknowledgement on micronationalism, he has decided to establish his own sultanate on March 15, 2021.

Reformation of Olov

After an external-crisis in the sultanate, Saleh decided to officially reform the state as the Republic of Olov as a successor of the previous sultanate. He deduced the name of the state as Olov, which had the definition of an ancestor's descendant from Swedish. As he was referring to his family the Habsyi clan, hence he is the young-descendants of the family.

During the reformation, Saleh therefore appointed his cousin, Musa Badegel, as the acting vice president. He has also appointed his classmates as the executives of the Olovian governmental cabinet or as the ministers of-each ministry.

First presidency and rise on nationalist-power (2021–2022)

After the reforming of the state, the Olovian government was given a threat by Munatopia, a separatist movement and break-away state that wanted the collapse of the Olovian nation. The separatist movement was formed by one of Saleh's distant relatives. This conflict was one of the main-factor of Saleh's beginning and rise to nationalist-power.

Additionally, Saleh A.H stated a summarized pro-Olovian speech during the Munatopian conflict, following:

"We will crush the traitors until they retreat and fade from this second, because they are cowards who are ineffectual to strike us. Remember how important you and your career are, and to achieve your ambition as your provisions for your own future!"

— Saleh A.H

Proxy-war with Qardasha, and Zarkyivian independence

Saleh A.H was considered as a decorated hero for liberating Zarkyiv as a new republic from the Qardaishan government, which caused an online proxy war declared by the Qardashian government.

On 22 October, 2022, the Olovian and Zarkyivian Discord server was raided by the troops of Qardaishan Armed Forces (QAF) and nuked their server. The following operation is made in regard to the operations which have affected Olov and its new satellite state Zarkyiv.

Orzan bin Muhammad previously made the decision to execute the operations codenamed Code 12, and Code 14, after several Qardaishan high-rankings including Aziz, andMuhammad Nafiz bin Hassan, harassed Saleh's family due to his nationality as an Indonesian. Saleh was claimed to continue anti-Qardaishan media propagation and Zarkyivian independence, and his multiple attempts to invoke negative reactions. After asking for reactions, he finally received his reaction a warning from the Qardaishan government.

Several warnings were given and told to desist from the actions aforementioned, rherefore the operations, after careful thinking, discussion, and a direct order from the sultan, were executed. Today, Qardasha and Olov are now peaceful after the treaty of Islambol, with supportive stances.

Anti-Mckeenist crisis, Ondernaming opposition, and coup d'etat attempt (2022-2023)

Initially, in the Ondernaming opposition, Saleh's older-compatriot Mikael Djatdanil participated with the Olovian government, as he had to assume responsibility when he hold his office as the second-governor of Ondernaming. Mikael's authority in Ondernaming was contributing the pro-Saleh government, due to strong-relations were formed between Mikael Djatdanil and Saleh A.H.

During his speech in Ondernaming, he indicated that an advocation for unity in the Olovian nation must be maintained, as he was referring to the pro-Islamist insurgents clashing within Ondernaming, which was affiliated to the statement that was conducted in his speech, following:

"We shall defend the order and security of social life, maintain and advocate a sense of unity and oneness in society, increase the social solidarity of our commune, and eliminate discrimination in our society, once and for all!"

— Saleh A.H during his speech in Ondernaming, January 2023.

After the 2022 Olovian coup d'etat attempt, Saleh was successful enough to prevent the coup d'etat, due to a national-security inform by Joseph Mason Montgomery, which lead the plot of the attempt and who were affiliated to it being exposed. Despite getting exposed, Tizian Aruna, who was part of the coup d'etat, claimed that he did not attempt a coup d'etat on the Olovian nation, rather to "contribute" the Olovian server. Saleh A.H stated an anti-Zepranan quote during his session in Van Engels, Mainland province, following:

"For sure, they are more wealthier compared to us, they might also have well supplies and healthcare, despite the small advantages, does that mean their government is successful? does that mean the people living in Zeprana sympathizes the government?" "There are supposedly many questions regarding the society and governmental-policy of Zeprana, especially regarding the welfare. Nevertheless, I could say is that the people living reside them are under a totalitarian and an authoritarian dictatorship ruled by a childlike person (referring to Terry Athur McKeen III)."

— Saleh A.H during his session in Van Engels

As the commander-in-chief of the Olovian National Military, he purposely continues on growing militarism because of a speculation of a great opportunity for the Olovian military, by increasing labeled propaganda and ordering the army to train on military strategies. Regarding militarism, Saleh uses nationalism and democracy to decoy his presidency, which has made criticism by several people.

Wojak depicting as Saleh H. that were used on memes, mostly used in Discord.

Honors and titles


National Honors

  • Republic of Olov:
    • Olovian Medal of Formation (2021)
    • Olovian Medal of Revolutionary (2021)
    • Olovian Medal of Honor (2021)
    • Olovian Medal of Bravery, Courage, and Valor (2021)
    • Olovian Medal of Peace (2022)
    • Olovian Medal of Amenity and Service (2022)
    • Olovian Medal of Instruction (2022)
    • Olovian Medal of Soldiery and Welfare (2022)
    • Olovian Medal of Triumph (2023)

Foreign Honors

  • Republic of Zarkyiv:
    • Fighter of the Order of Revolutionary and Freedom (2022)
    • Fighter of the Order of Prosperity (2022)

List of titles