Samuel B.

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His Excellency
The Fine Principled
Samuel B
Prime Minister of Salanda
Assumed office:
27 February 2023 – Present
King Reuben I
Predecessor Solomon K
Born  United Kingdom
Citizenship  Salanda
 United Kingdom
Nationality Salandarian
Ethnicity Jewish
Political party Solo Party
Religion Judaism

Samuel B is the third and current Prime Minister of Salanda, he assumed office on the 27 February 2023 following the resignation of Solomon K as Prime Minister of Salanda and will lead the Kingdom of Salanda into the next General Election of Salanda.


When the Second Government of Salanda was formed by Solomon K, Samuel B became the first Chancellor of the Exchequer upon the creation of that office by the Second Government of Salanda, under the Premiership of Solomon K. After the 2023 Salanda general election and the consequently Third Government of Salanda on the 23 July 2023, Samuel B remains Prime Minister of Salanda.