Samuele Cheli

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Samuele Cheli
Console of the People's Republic of Nova Italia
Personal details
Samuele Cheli

5 December 2000
Cecina, Italy
Political partyThird Intermicronationale (international)

Samuele Cheli, also known as Xalkas_ITA 2K (on the past Sorvaino), is an Italian youtuber and a former micronationalist.

He was consule of the People's Republic of Nova Italia and administrator and general secretary of the Third Intermicronationale.

He left the world of micronations in july 2019, and all his micronations created in past are failed.

All the micronationalistic tasks obtained


Samuele Cheli was born in Cecina, on 5 December 2000. Second son of a baker, Samuele starts from its infancy to have a passion for geography and for flags, and in the future this passion has turned it into a passion for history, alternative history, etc.

In 1st Elementary, Samuele Cheli played soccer for a few days, and in 2007-08 Samuele Cheli's father also began his activity at the new Rugby club in Rosignano, and together with his sister Eva, Samuele formed the first team for children. In the future there were also other boys with whom Samuele was never able to get along. Samuele will leave the Rugby in the 2012-13 season, and then return to play in the Under 16 two years later, in the 2015-16 season, playing only that season. apart from the last season, he has always been trained by his father for all the years.

During the Soccer World Cup 2010, Samuele Cheli starts to take an interest in soccer, but as a spectator and a classic Italian average person. Samuele cheered two teams: Juventus and Livorno. On the Future, Samuele has stopped cheering Juventus. His interest in football led him, in 2011-12, to get information on the computer of all the results of the World Cup and other football competitions. The presence of a computer in his house, starting from 2009, has led to further information on geography and also on micronations. Already in the imagination of Samuele Cheli there have always been imaginary flags and countries.

On 26 April 2012 is born his brother Diego.

During 2013 Samuele Cheli starts his carreer on YouTube, producing Subbuteo videos for the Channel of Vgo Loquendo 5. On december 2017 Cheli changes his official channel and creates TeleRosignano, actually renamed into Xalkas_ITA 2K. Xalkas joins MYCUS Group thanks to a Friendship with TheXanada96 in 2018 and becomes Admin of MYCUS in 2018. He left MYCUS in January 2020 during an argue and founded the Nat. Actually the Nat is a private group and Samuele Cheli Is now a MYCUS member (No Staff).

In 2013 he starts to have a far-left political ideas. On March 2017, Samuele Cheli joins a whatsapp political group created by Marco I Escarotico, in december 2017 he joins the KFA Italia (A friendship association with North Korea) and in 2018 he joins the P.CARC (maoist party), bit he left the party in 2019, mantaining maoist Political ideas.

Micronational History

His carreer of Micronationalist starts officially on 2014, which he create his first country, Chelandia, but he failed on 2016.

On Febrary 2018 Cheli founded Labronic People's Republic of Rosignano, and he becomes the president until 5 May 2018. LPRoR fails because there exist a phenomenon of balcanization because Cheli and the allied countries had taken micronationalism as a game. With TheXanda96, Samuele Cheli founded the Federazione delle Micronazioni Italiane.

On 5 May 2018 Samuele Cheli founded the People's Republic of Comvorlistan as an attempt to re-establish a serious micronation. Samuele Cheli gave the role of president to his friend from Pisa, and declared himself prime minister. On 10 August Comvorlistan, for management reasons, makes itself auto-annexing by Damazia. During Damazian period, Samuele Cheli contributes to write the constitution of the country, and becames Minister of Propaganda and Education until 1 January 2019.

During the provvisorial government of Damazia (2018), Samuele Cheli becames de facto the first minister of Damazia, and during this era, he contacts Luca mirante and he manages to entry in the UMS. During this moment.

On 1 January 2019 there were elections and Samuele Cheli became a senator.

On 9 January 2019, Samuele Cheli argues with Simone Malia and with Ravex, who are respectively the minister of the interior and the economy minister of Damazia. As a result, Samuel Cheli declares the independence of Chelandia as a People's Republic.

During the treaty of peace of Caredolci, Luca Mirante tries to ally with Caredolci, meanwhile, Samuele Cheli critics his membership to AMU, UEU and CSU, three groups into UMS. Mirante declares that Chelandia is only a permanent observer. same fate also happens also to Tawil (now a people's republic) and the United States of Astana. these three micronations founds the UMNI, which Cheli was elected president. Samuele Cheli becames officially president with elections.

During 1 May, Lorenzo Valente asks to Samuele Cheli if it is a good idea to declare war at Luxe. Samuele Cheli answers: "do whatever you like". Shortly after Valente declares war on Luxe, and Samuele Cheli decides to reunite the Council of Emergency, but there is no a votation to joins the war. formally the MCE wasn't joined at the war. Subsequently Samuele Cheli, together with Xanada, Luca Mirante and Lorenzo Valente, signed the peace treaty written by Gabriele Pasqua.

During 12 May 2019, Samuele Cheli decided to organize the declaration of independence of Nova Italia for 2 June 2019, with the President of Tawil.

In July 2019 he left micronationalism.