Santa Teresa

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Santa Teresa

Parfët (right) and Zefthi (left) performing in Salisse
Years active2013-2014
MembersTabaré Dëkh
Saleon Päzar
Zafir Aram
Former membersShai Aram

Santa Teresa were a Sabioveronese folk band based in Salisse, formed in 2013. It was composed of Shai Aram "Parfët" from Tegula and Tabare Dëkh "Zefthi" from Abrelia, both of Veronese origin. It was the first known musical group from Sabia and Verona and one of the few examples of music in Juclandia before the emancipation of Sabia and Verona from the FUJL. The group's songs were mostly written in either Pashqar or Sabian. Their first demo track, "Sërd'Sataq" ("from the start") was released for limited time in May 2013. Their lyrics were mostly against corporatism and organised religion. Sërd'Sataq spoke of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


It was originally a band, formed by the two brothers, Shai ("Parfët", lit. "Prophet") and Zafir Aram, both of Pashqari origin that had just recently moved to Tegula and adquired citizenship. A friend of Zafir, Tabare Dëkh ("Zefthi" lit. "None"), also Pashqari joined them soon after. The trio originally intended to be named "Mizäreth Ëstapör" (میضارهط هساپذر, "Something Easy"), but they finally came up with "Santa Teresa", Spanish for Saint Theresa. However, before finishing recording their first single, Zafir decided to leave the group in order to start a job as part of the Pashqari People's Party. As a duo, Santa Teresa released their first track as a demo, Sërd'Sataq. The song was mainly based in the Palestinian conflict, although there is only one reference to Palestine (Gaza) in the song. After discussing the permission with the Air Force, Sërd'Sataq was first performed in the Rómulo Betancourt Air Base in Salisse. In December 2013, Shai left the duo for undisclosed reasons. He was replaced by Saleon Päzar. In January 2014, it was announced Zafir would return to the group. With the addition of Päzar to the band, the group took a turn towards the folk music of Sabia and Verona. The group was officially disbanded in July 2014, as all members had to focus on their growing political careers.



  • سهردصاتاق (Sërd'Sataq) (2013)