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The symbol of Schnurmanism.
RegionGeographical area
FounderJoshua Schnurman
Origin9 May, 2022
Townsville, Vitione
Tax statusNot Exempt
Other name(s)Church of Schnurman
a) Official Religion of Vitione

Schnurmanism, officially the Church of the Holy Lord Joshua Schnurman, is an ironic pseudoreligion based on religious worship of Joshua Schnurman. Non-serious in nature, the religion was founded 9 May 2022 by President Joshua Schnurman. The beliefs of Schnurmanism stem mostly from The Schnurm, the main religious text of the religion which states the 7 commandments of Schnrumanism, prayers, and religious Schnurmanist stories. The religious is monotheistic and focuses on total worship of Joshua Schnurman, recognized as a divine god by the religion. Schnurmanism was founded as and currently exists as a joke, but has been called Cult-like in nature by many Vitionan citizens. The religion employs members as missionaries to "indoctrinate" new members.