Seanad Holcetaea

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The Seanad Holcetaea is the unicameral legislative body of the Empire of Holcetaea. Each sub-Realm has two Seanadors that are nominated by the Assembly of each sub-Realm and appointed by the sub-monarch. The Emperor's personal territories are given one Seanador each and are appointed by the Emperor directly. The newest Province the Duchy of Paemania is alloted one Seanador. The Seanad is presided over by the Taoiseach Seanad, the Head of Government. Seanadors serve 3 month terms and have no term limits. Currently the Seanad is comprised of 21 seats, with several members occupying more than one seat therefore yielding more than one vote. The sub-monarch him/herself was also permitted a seat in the Seanad with an infinite term length. The Seanad meets every 2 weeks, unless an emergency session is called by the Emperor. The Seanad sessions do not require mandatory attendance unless it was an emergency session or if the Taoiseach made a specific bi-weekly session to have mandatory attendance. Members are allowed to make votes and debate through via the internet, but the official Seanad Hall is located in The Blue Palace in Holcetae City. They have the power to propose legislation usually domestic projects and initiatives. They also have power to review Imperial Decrees pertaining to spending, foreign affairs, new provinces, and culture and can reject it by gaining a 2/3 majority.