Secession of New Virginia

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Secession of New Virginia
Flag of New Virginia
Date18 August 2019 - 11 February 2020

The secession of New Virginia from the Empire of Austenasia occured on 11 February 2020, following many months of negotiations between the New Virginian leadership and the Austenasian Emperor.

Push for independence

Discussions regarding the potential independence of Augusta, New Richmond and Terentia began in mid-2019 between Brooklyn Hewitt, Elizabeth Lewis and Riley Hewitt. It was decided by the three that if secession were to occur, it would need to happen in early 2020 and that the independent New Virginia would be a republic. Following discussions between the three and their respective constituents, Brooklyn Hewitt addressed the Emperor on the desire of the three towns to secede and form an independent nation on 27 September 2019. On Christmas Day later that year, the Emperor publicly announced the upcoming secession of New Virginia through his annual Christmas Broadcast, and declared that a general election would be held on 12 February 2020 to determine Hewitt's successor as Prime Minister.

Brooklyn Hewitt proposed the New Virginia Act 2020, which set the date and processes for New Virginian secession, to the House of Representatives on 8 January. Following a brief period of debate and review, the bill was passed by a unanimous vote of the House and was granted Imperial Consent on 10 January. Following the enactment of the legislation, Brooklyn Hewitt was appointed to the new temporary post of Minister for New Virginian Affairs and was tasked with coordinating the secession of the Commonwealth.

On 13 January, Minister Hewitt published an executive order constituting the Provisional Council as the provisional governing body of New Virginia following secession, and called for an election for Provisional Councillors to be held on 20 January. The Hewitt siblings and Lewis were confirmed as Provisional Councilors-elect, and Brooklyn was confirmed as Chairperson-elect of the Provisional Council.

Secession and independence

At 00:00 EST on 11 February, the Commonwealth of New Virginia officially seceded from the Empire of Austenasia and the Provisional Council took office.