Second Dillon Government (Aswington)

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Second Dillon Government
6th ministry of Aswington

Date formed October 7, 2021
Date dissolved June 10, 2022
People and organizations
Head of government Addison Dillon
Head of state Juan Cisneros
No. of ministers 12
Previous Koff Government

The Second Dillon Government is the sixth government in Aswington. It was formed on October 7, 2021. Days later, the parliament approved a vote of confidence to the new cabinet, with a slight margin of votes.

This would be the last government to be constituted by the Prime Minister, due to the implementation of constitutional reforms.


Following the resignation of Sander Koff, the parliament decided to appoint Addison Dillon as the new Prime Minister in the country. Subsequently, plans began to be drawn up for the formation of a new ministerial cabinet, replacing the previous one.


The cabinet is largely dominated by the political parties that make up the coalition Democratic Platform. Only three members of the cabinet aren't from these political parties.

The number of ministries that make up the cabinet increased to twelve, while some ministries were reorganized.

Members of the Cabinet

Portfolio Name Term Party
Prime Minister Addison Dillon July 30, 2021 June 10, 2022 LP
Cabinet of Ministers
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Addison Dillon October 7, 2021 June 10, 2022 LP
Ministry of Internal Affairs Juan Cisneros NDP
Ministry of Defence and National Security Rory Leonard NDP
Ministry of Information and Propaganda Andrew Perdomo NP
Ministry of Education Daniel Quintero LP
Ministry of Science and Technology Benjamin Pickles LP
Ministry of Arts, Culture and Heritage Juan Cisneros NDP
Ministry of Youth and Sports Andreas Rauma LP
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Sander Koff SDP
Ministry of Economy and Finance Eri Ind.
Ministry of Social Development Simbach A. Vazo PAU
Ministry of Public Health Andreas Rauma LP
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Sander Koff SDP

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