Second Empire of Amberiana

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Second Empire of Amberiana
Flag of Amberiana
'Motto: 'Reform or Revolt
and largest city
Amberiana City
Official languagesAmerican English
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
• Emperess
Amber I
Independence from the United States
• Foundation of the Second Empire
6 January 2023
• Dissolution of the Second Empire
13 March 2023
CurrencyUnited States Dollar (USD)
Time zoneEST
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideleft

Amberiana, officially the Second Empire of Amberiana, was a micronation located in Toledo, Ohio, in North America. Amberiana was founded on January 6, 2023, by Empress Amber I.


Amberiana did not have much in the way of history, having been less than a year old. Despite this lack in history for Amberiana itself, the area in which the nation resided has plenty of history. Having only been in the city of Toledo, Ohio, but having had much more vast territorial claims, the nation claimed to share it's history with all of it's claims.

The Second Empire of Amberiana was the 4th attempt at the nation of Amberiana by the empress. That being said, the nation has had 2 civil wars, both resulting in the collapse of Amberiana. The 3rd collapse came from the empress no longer wanting to run a micronation. Despite all of this, the Second Empire of Amberiana was one of the most successful attempts at a micronation by Empress Amber I.


The Second Empire of Amberiana kept it's territorial claims a secret to the public, but the nation did have 2 official territories. These 2 territories were the Capital city, Amberiana City, and the nation's second city, New Lambertville. New Lambertville's name came from a city in Michigan that was mere feet away from New Lambertville. This city is Lambertville, Michigan. Despite the new name, Amberiana planned to, once Lambertville was official territory of the nation, integrate the city into New Lambertville.

Amberiana kept its amount of land a secret to the public, though it had more than most micronations have.

Capital City

The capital of Amberiana, Amberiana City, contained most of the government buildings in the nation.

This capital city had been the capital of every previous Amberianan nation. The name has been changed once, from Amberiana to Amberiana City. This change was made to avoid confusion on both government and civil documents.

National Symbols

National Animal

The national animal of Amberiana was the American House Cat. This was due to the large population of cats in Amberiana City. There were 2 royal cats, Feenie, and Toast. But there were dozens of cats in the capital city.

National Drink

The national drink of Amberiana was a vanilla latte. This was due to Empress Amber I preferring this drink over most.

National Dish

The national dish of Amberiana was steak with a side of French fries.

Foreign Relations

Amberiana, having only recently removed its isolationist policies at the time of its dissolution, was still not very active in the micronational community, because of this, most micronations were neutral to Amberiana, with the exception of Cristoria, which was ally of Amberiana.

Amberiana hoped to become well known in the micronational community, as well as hoped to improve relations with most people in the micronational community.

Amberiana recognized the following countries:

Republic of Polstowia

Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon

Principality of Sealand

Republic of Molossia

Republic of Orlek

Socialist Republic of Cristoria

Socialist Republic of Hoku

Amberiana condemned the following countries:

Holstonian Empire

Kingdom of Huntia

People's Republic of China

Russian Federation

United Socialist Republics


The Second Empire of Amberiana had 5 military branches. Those were the army, navy, air force, special forces, and espionage.


The Amberianan Royal Army (ARA) had 7 divisions, 6 of which were dog divisions. The 1 other division was the royal guard, which was used to protect that royal family, as well as the nation when needed.


The Amberianan Royal Navy (ARN) had no divisions, and was mostly used for research. There was no coast guard, as it was part of the ARN.

Air Force

The Amberianan Royal Air Force (ARAF) had 1 division, that being the Amberianan Royal Plane, which was used to fly the royal family places, for propaganda, and, if needed, bombing and fighting.

Special Forces

The Amberianan Special Forces (ASF) had 1 division, however, no information about the division was released as they were on a mission at the time of the dissolution.


The Amberianan Royal Spy Force (ARSF) was not allowed to release any information other than its existence. It was a closed off branch that only lets the most trusted individuals into the program.