Kingdom of Atiera

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Kingdom of Atiera
Flag of Kingdom of Atiera
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Atiera
Coat of arms
StatusDependency of Mediolaurentia
LocationBarrie, Ontario
Official languagesEnglish
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
• King
Alexander I
James Bornstein
LegislatureImperial Assembly of Atiera
• Foundation
22 November 2021
• Membership in Mediolaurentia
27 July 2022
• 2023 total estimate
• Local citizens
CurrencyCanadian dollar (de facto)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST-4)
• Summer (DST)
UTC-4 (EDT-3)
Internet (de facto)
Preceded by
Provisional Consulate of Atiera

The Kingdom of Atiera, often simply reffered to as Atiera, is a micronation in Barrie, Ontario. Reformed on 21 November 2021 as the Second Empire of Atiera by then-Emperor Alexander I, Hayden Strachan, Cameron Cezar and Chris Ramsay, the nation is a direct successor of the former Kingdom of Atiera that existed from 30 May 2020 until its dissolution on 25 August 2021.[1]

The nation is led by King Alexander I who serves as the constitutional monarch and head of state. Alongside the monarch, the position of Chancellor is a legislative-level position that serves as head of government. The current Chancellor is James Bornstein.


Pre-imperialism and the Kingdom of Atiera

The Second Empire's precursor, the Kingdom of Atiera, was founded by the current monarch of Atiera and former king, Alexander I of Atiera, and several other prominent people in modern Atiera, such as Chris Ramsay, were significant contributors to the foundation and development of the Kingdom.

A significant event that led to the Kingdom's demise on 25 August 2021 was the vote of no confidence against former prime minister and Chairman of the Atieran National Front Isaiah Burdette led by Tucker Gladden, Chris Miller, Michael Shepard, and with support from the king himself. Before the vote could pass through the party government, Burdette resigned, handing the reigns over to Miller.[2] As it had been previously agreed on by Gladden and Miller in a group conversation on discord, Miller would resign, handing leadership over to Gladden. Tucker Gladden then went on to become the final prime minister of Atiera after Miller resigned.[3]

Days later, during the nation's second general election on 23 July 2021,[4] Gladden won the election forming the second ANF government.

The Gladden government resigned on 24 August 2021, after the King's conduct in outside venues, including the Cupertino Alliance and Oskonia, where the King resigned as Prime Minister after a motion of no confidence was proposed and authored by then-Deputy Prime Minister Jayden Dagsa, with support from King Tucker, Michael Shepard, the Governor-General, and Varuna Sriraya.


Days before the dissolution of the Kingdom of Atiera, Alexander had privately told ex-government officials who had resigned that he was going to revert the Kingdom back into an imperial absolute monarchy, where he would rule over the nation until stability was restored. Alexander never followed through with the plan, instead, he gave up and dissolved Atiera until 27 September 2021.

On 27 September 2021 the Provisional Consulate of Atiera was formed by Liam Alexander as a body to aid in the reform and reconstruction of the Empire of Atiera. Colleagues of the monarch, notably, Chris Ramsay, Hayden Strachan, and Cameron Cezar, were invited to the provisional consulate to ensure stability through this transitionary and restorative era. Soon after, the members of the Provisional Consulate began work on the constitution, the first draft of which was presented to the consulate on 12 November 2021 by Emperor Alexander. On 21 November 2021, the constitution was signed by Miller, Strachan, Cezar, and Alexander, declaring the re-establishment of imperial Atiera.

Present day

Following the first election held on 4 December 2021, won by Ordo Caelestis led by Hayden Strachan, the government would go on to serve a term that saw little activity. During Strachan's tenure, 3 acts were passed into law.

On 28 February 2022, Emperor Alexander decided there was a need for another election due to the lack of government activity. The same day, he released two edicts, the first, Imperial Edict No. 10-2022, laid out the election schedule, and the second, Imperial Edict No. 11-2022, created constituencies for the upcoming election.[5][6] Soon after, on 15 March 2022, William Cooper as leader of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, would win the party and form a government under a collation between the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation, Atiera Forward!, and Ordo Caelestis. On 30 March 2022, James Bornstein became Chancellor and Cooper was unseated following the Atieran Moderate Coalition winning all six seats.

On 27 July 2022, Atiera joined the High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia as a founding member. In accordance with outlined Mediolaurentian law, Atiera had to renounce its imperial status, turning the Second Empire into the Kingdom of Atiera and seeing the Emperor's title be changed to that of King.



Crown of HIM Alexander I, a common symbol of the monarchy

The Monarch of Atiera is the head of state of Atiera, more commonly known as the King of Atiera. The current reigning monarch is His Majesty King Alexander I of Atiera. Alexander I has served as the monarch throughout Atiera's history, first serving as Emperor in the First Empire of Atiera under the regnal name of Munroe I, then serving as King of the Kingdom of Atiera utilizing the same name, the Emperor in the Second Empire of Atiera, and now as King of the Kingdom of Atiera under the regnal name of Alexander I.

As prescribed by the constitution, the monarch may serve until abdication, resignation or any other means. The heir is appointed by the monarch.

Imperial Assembly

The Imperial Assembly is the sole legislative body of the Empire of Atiera. Established by a constitutional amendment passed on 28 February 2022, the Imperial Assembly would merge and replace the flawed High and Common Councils, subsequently abolishing the joint Congress of Atiera. The assembly is headed by the King and Chancellor collectively, presided over by the speaker of the assembly who is responsible for maintaining order in the assembly.

The assembly is responsible for the creation and passage of laws, programs, and oversight of the nation. Assembly members are elected annually, the next election is set to begin on 30 May 2022 and be held on or before 13 June 2022.



Atiera has a humid continental climate, with warm and humid summers, and cold, snowy winters. Many regions of Atiera are located near Lake Simcoe, a body of water that is relatively insignificant to its climate. Atiera is also located in close proximity to Georgian Bay, which, along with the Great Lakes, acts as a "buffer" of sorts, moderating temperatures to a fair extent, while combined with the lake effect can spawn blinding snow squalls in the winter, and strong thunderstorms in the spring and winter, known to cause tornadoes.

Climate data for Atiera
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) -2.9
Average low °C (°F) -12.4
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 16.6
Source: Weather Atlas[7]


Before imperial Atiera, seigneuries[a] were scattered across Ontario, with plans of expansion outside of Canada even. Today, Atiera's territories are centralized in one area, Ontario's Simcoe County, situated on the northern border of the Greater Toronto Area, and ultimately a part of the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Today, only 4 provinces remain from the original 6 seigneuries from the original Kingdom of Atiera. Seigneuries that were cut from this list were Hamilton and Haliburton, as the land was seen as useless and uninhabited by the King. Hamilton and Haliburton were located in the GTHA on Lake Ontario, where other members of the imperial family reside but do not enforce claims over the lands. The King rarely visited these seigneuries during his original reign as King and originally had planned to give these two up.

Counties today include Amicae, Brayton Plains, Rivière and Gaia. Together, they make up mainland Atiera, where many of the residents reside in close proximity.

Flag Arms Name Size Population Established Official(s)
Amicae 0.000316sq km 3 X Month 2021 Councillor
Brayton Plains 1.77sq km 0 Councillor
Riviere 0.000645 0 Councillor
Gaia 0.000855sq km 0 Councillor



Atiera has several official media outlets, such as the state-run broadcasting corporation, the Imperial Atieran Broadcasting Corporation [8] and the official YouTube channel,[9] which contains speeches from government officials and promotional material.


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