Second Sprinska Empire

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The Second Sprinska Empire, more commonly known as Sprinska, is an independent sovereign state, more commonly referred to as a micronation by observers, it is located in Glasgow, Scotland and was technically founded on the 15 March 2023, although it celebrates its independence as the same day as the first empire, October 30. Its Emperor is Aaron II, whom is more commonly known as Nova. Aaron was picked as a royal name, so it is used to refer to Nova along with the term Emperor, even if it really should be Empress.


On the 27th October 2020 the banana uprising began, the problem was that 7 year olds do not make competent leaders to an uprising, so it failed. A few days later the prime minister of the Sprinske Communist Republic, Aaron Ross, decided to start his own uprising. He wanted more democracy and with it an actual functioning king, which wasn’t really happening with King Zachary in charge. Aaron’s uprising lasted a day, from the 29th to the 30th of October. It proved successful and it split up the SCR into the First Sprinska Empire and the Imperial Republic of Donkrea. Sprinska was an earlier spelling of Sprinske and it likely changed sometime after the civil war in 2021. Sprinska remained rather stable for a few months, as Zachary Stewart, former king of the SCR, rose the ranks to become second in command of Sprinska, then he started a civil war to bring back communism. The civil war was a long and painful conflict, not literally, and it resulted in a monarchist victory. Around a year after the civil war started, it ended, and the nation began making more democratic reforms. These led to some strange events, like a hedgehog becoming prime minister and then getting assassinated, and the second prime minister getting impeached because of 15 counts of assault. Then the country would open up into even more glory. It started the international era, resulting in improvements and allies. A few wars, which in hindsight aren’t too important to mention, came and went until the 12 January 2023, when Aaron I abdicated. He was replaced by Zachary Stewart, who was a known enemy to the state, in disguise. Four days passed until Zac revealed himself and his plans to resurrect the SCR, which ultimately failed and resulted in the Sprinske Republic, which then joined the Grand Kolniaric Republic, before leaving and becoming the Empire of Kaltarsia. Then on the 15 March, North Sprinske dissolved because there was quite literally no nation, it only existed by name. In discussion of what to do with the land, Nova proclaimed itself the Second Sprinska Empire. It’s known as such because of the slight differences from the previous empire, although it’s more or less just known as the continuation after 2 months.


Sprinska is a member of the Kolniaric Union, it is allied with all nations in Kolniari apart from Stewartist ones.