Second War on Gorthalism

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Second War on Gorthalism

The nuclear bombardment of the Gorthian Discord server during Operation: Blazing Glory
Date21 January 2023 - 29 January 2023


  • Collapase of the Gorthian Federation; birth of the Gorthian Empire
  • Sanctions from both sides lifted
  • Treaty of Jwanczuk

Republic of Cristoria

Supported By

Gorthian Federation

Supported By

  • Gorthian Nations
  • Countdom of Rusticane
Commanders and leaders
  • President Christopher P.
  • Kaiser CCE I
  • President Caiden
  • Quing Emil I
  • Supreme Leader Tipton
  • Empress Amber I
  • Dylan J.
    Units involved
    Cristorian Army (digital calvary)

    Total: 0

    Total: 0

    Second Anti-Gorthalist War, officially Second War on Gorthalism, was a digital conflict between the Republic of Cristoria and the Gorthian Federation, lasting between 21 January 2023 to 29 January 2023.


    Following roughly five and a half months of peace time since the First War on Gorthalism, a delegate from the Gorthian Government was removed.

    Due to a government member stating that a delegate of the Republic of Cristoria being in the government was a form of diplomacy, the Congress of Cristoria viewed the removal as an act of hostility against the Cristorian Republic.

    Operation: Blazing Glory

    During the first congressional meeting in Cristoria on 28 January 2023, the hostility of the Gorthian Federation was brought up, with the idea of digitally nuking the Gorthian Discord server.

    Following this discussion, a digital nuclear-capable bot was created by the Congress of Cristoria and passed the tests, making it eligible to be an active weapon in the digital Cristorian arsenal.[1]

    On 28 January 2023 at approximately nine o'clock PM (EST), the Gorthian server was nuked, with the Cristorian nuclear-capable bot spamming messages along the lines of "PAX CRISTORIA", "Cristorians are five steps ahead[c]", "SNOP will win[d]", and "Justice will be served[e]". The bot repeatedly sent this message for a total of three minutes, as far as the Congress of Cristoria knows and was banned shortly after it was activated.

    Treaty of Jwanczuk

    A day after Operation: Blazing Glory, the Gorthians offered peace with the Treaty of Jwanczuk, with four peace deals being offered.

    Those being:

    I. The Republic of Cristoria is to help rebuild the Gorthian Discord server.

    II. SNOP and the Gorthian Pact[f] signing a three month non-aggression pact.

    III. Propaganda between the Republic of Cristoria and the Gorthian Federation having a ceasefire.

    IV. The Gorthian Federation taking back the land they leased Cristoria in Northampton, UK in 2022.

    The treaty was signed by nobility from both sides, most notably the President of the Republic of Cristoria and the Dynast of the Gorthian Federation.

    The official Treaty of Jwanczuk, signed by nobility from both sides.
    The official Treaty of Jwanczuk, signed by nobility from both sides.


    Due to the Treaty of Jwanczuk, the Cristorians and the Gorthians made amends and the reconstruction of the Gorthian server commenced.

    Many applications for SNOP began appearing following the conflict, mainly due to people wanting to support the Republic of Cristoria.

    The Gorthian Federation collapsed and was replaced with the Gorthian Empire, due to the invasion of the Gorthian communication hub by the Republic of Cristoria.

    The conflict was completely ended on 29 January 2023.


    1. Multiple occasions involving Discord and TikTok also happened.
    2. Due to a peace offering by the side of the Gorthian Federation, the Republic of Cristoria accepted and it was declared that there were no winners or losers.
    3. Due to the first attempt failing and Dylan Jwanczuk saying "Gorthians are two steps ahead", the Republic of Cristoria retaliated with "Cristorians are five steps ahead".
    4. This is referring to the Syndicate Nations of Prosperity, a micronational organization owned and founded by the Republic of Cristoria.
    5. Referring to the justice system in Cristoria, being applied to the Gorthian Federation".
    6. The Gorthian Pact being the organization owned by the Gorthian Federation.