Secretary-General (Austenasia)

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Logo of the Secretary-General's Office
Lord William Wilson, Duke of Taysha

since 18 September 2021
Secretary-General's Office
Member ofCabinet
NominatorPrime Minister
AppointerThe Monarch
on the advice of the Prime Minister
Formation12 November 2008; 15 years ago (2008-11-12)
First holderCrown Prince Jonathan

The Secretary-General of Austenasia is the member of Cabinet to whom is delegated responsibility for various duties concerning the administration of the government of the Empire of Austenasia. The main official jobs of the Secretary-General are to keep records of Parliament meetings, ensure that the Line of Succession to the Throne is kept updated, acquire Honorary Subjects for the Empire, form contingency plans for various possible emergencies, register marriages, and organise the counting of votes for General Elections; the position has been described as a "one-man civil service".

The position was formed for the now Emperor Jonathan I in November 2008 to authorise his performance of various duties and roles which were not under the remit of his then position as Prime Minister. Prior to September 2021, three others intermittently held the office for political reasons de jure, but he continued to effectively exercised the role as of its creation in 2008. After his election as Prime Minister, Lord William Wilson nominated himself to the office, and it is expected for the various "unofficial" rights and roles of the position to become more precisely defined under his tenure.

List of Secretaries-General

Number Picture Name Political party Took office Left office Notes
1 HIH Crown Prince Jonathan Independent
(considered Monarchist)
12 Nov 2008 24 Dec 2011 Founder of Austenasia and sole member of Cabinet. Re-elected as Secretary-General by Cabinet on 1 January 2009, 1 January 2010 and 1 January 2011, and confirmed as Secretary-General by the Monarch on 21 September 2011. Lost office after failing to be re-elected as Representative of Wrythe.
2 HIH Crown Princess Caroline Independent
(considered Social liberal)
24 Dec 2011 19 Nov 2013 Appointed to position of Secretary-General by Declan I after her brother Crown Prince Jonathan lost his position as a Representative. Delegated her duties as such to him regardless.
3 HIM Emperor Jonathan I Theodorist Party
(before 20 February 2014)
19 Nov 2013 17 Oct 2014 Re-appointed himself Secretary-General after being re-elected Representative of Wrythe.
4 Lord Charles Clarke, Duke of Grantabridge Conservative Party 17 Oct 2014 4 Mar 2015 Appointed to position of Secretary-General by the Monarch. Exercised many of the duties of the office but still relied on Jonathan I for substantial guidance and assistance.
5 HIM Emperor Jonathan I Independent
(considered a Romanitist monarchist)
4 Mar 2015 8 Oct 2017 Re-appointed himself Secretary-General in a Cabinet re-shuffle after the 2015 general election.
6 HIH Lady Admiral Brooklyn Hewitt, Duchess of New Virginia Imperial Party 8 Oct 2017 13 Feb 2020 Incumbent Prime Minister during her term as Secretary-General. Appointed to the position of Secretary-General by Jonathan I, but the latter continued to exercise almost all duties of the office.
7 HIM Emperor Jonathan I Independent
(considered a Romanitist monarchist)
13 Feb 2020 18 Sep 2021 Re-appointed himself Secretary-General after the end of Lady Admiral Hewitt's premiership.
8 Lord William Wilson, Duke of Taysha Arete Party 18 Sep 2021 Incumbent Appointed Secretary-General at his own nomination upon becoming elected Prime Minister.