Secretary General of the USAM

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Secretary General of the Union of South American Micronations
Arthur Lobão

since 12 July 2012
Term length5 months

The Secretary General of the Union of South American Micronations is the legal representative of the Secretariat of the Union of South American Micronations (UMSA).


The position was established when the organisation was founded in 2010, with Claudio Caustro of Reunion. The position was re-activated by the Treaty of Arceu and two Secretary Generals have occupied the post since.


The Secretary General of UMSA is elected by fair and free elections in the Parliament of the UMSA.

The Secretary General exercises the legal representation of the UMSA Secretariat. The officials selection for the latter requires an equitative representation between UMSA Member States. The tasks of the Secretary General are:

  • Preside over sessions of the Parliament
  • Proposing initiatives and monitoring the adequate functioning of the UMSA.
  • Executing, according to reglamentations, every necessary legal action for the good management and administration of the Secretariat.

List of Secretaries-General

Secretary General Photo State Occupation Took office Left office
1. Carlos Salazar Template:Country data Flag salazar.pngZimmerland President of Zimmerland 2010 November 2010
Vacant November 2010 5 March 2012
2. Lucas Campos Template:Country data KossianMonarchy.pngKoss Grand Duke of Koss 5 March 2012 12 July 2012
3. Arthur Lobão Template:Country data Wurdigeland Flag.jpgWürdigeland Emperor of Würdigeland 12 July 2012 Incumbent