Secular Order of the Lateran Knights

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The Secular Order of the Lateran Knights (in portuguese, Ordem Secular dos Cavaleiros Lateranos), also known as Lateran Order (in portuguese, Ordem Laterana), is a military-religious founded in 2020 by David Klebis, a brazilian micronationalist.

The Lateran Order aims to promote the catholic activities and values in micronationalism and combat the discrimination and tyranny against new micronationalists and derivatists in Lusophone sector/Brazilian sector.

Secular Order of the Lateran Knights
Coat of Arms of the Lateran Order

Active 2020–present
Allegiance Catholic Church in Micronationalism
Type Military-religious order
Headquarters St. Peter's Fort
Nickname Lateran Order
Official Language Portuguese
Current Grand Master David Klebis


The full name of the Order is Secular Order of the Lateran State. The term "Secular" refers to the fact that the ingress in the Order is open to any layman in micronationalism. Its members are not monks, but only knights who swore to defend the Catholicism and the fight against discrimination in micronationalism.

The term "Lateran" refers to the former micronation held by the Grand Master David Klebis, the Lateran State. It also refers to the Archbasilica of St. Giovanni in Laterano, the cathedral church of the Diocese of Rome in the city of Rome, and Seat of the Roman Pontiff.


The Grand Master David Klebis was, for 4 months, the Regent and Prince-Protector of the Lateran State and one of the founders of the Brazilian sector and the Conference of Santiago. However, due to health problems and the persecution of derivatists in the Lusophone sector, the Regent decided to abdicate the throne and form a intermicronational Order comitted to Catholicism and in defense of the liberty in the Lusophone sector.

The Internal Rule of the Lateran Order was written and adopted in 6 July 2020 and it's considered the starting point of the Order. The Grand Master of the Order and the Patriarch of the Catholic Church in Micronationalism signed a treaty of cooperation in 7 July 2020, where the Order became linked to the Catholic Church in Micronationalism in the defense of true Catholicism and in the personal protection of the Patriarch.


While a independent organisation, the Lateran Order can hold lands, physical or virtual, provided they are donated by its members or benefactors. Presently, the Order own a room, named as St. Peter's Fort, in Brazil (donated by the Grand Master David Klebis), and a virtual territory for disclosure of documents ceded by the Stadhouder of United Provinces of Mauritia.


The Lateran Order is divided in two menagement bodies: the College of Priors and the Lateran Assembly. The first one is composed by the Grand Masters (wih a limit of 4 members) and it's responsible for the diplomatic representation, make official documents and ultimately decide about the administration of the Order, while the Assembly is composed by all the knights of the Order, who supervise the College and elect the Grand Masters.

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