Seilurog Commonwealth

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Seilurog Commonwealth
Flag of Seilurog
Emblem of Seilurog
Anthem: Cwm Rhondda
StatusUnrecognized state
and largest city
Nova Portus
Official languages
Recognised national languages
GovernmentUnicameral Parliamentary Republic under a Dictatorship
• Lord Chancellor
Athrwys Pierce
• Commonwealth declared
26 November 2021
• Estimate
CurrencySeilurogian Pound (£)
Time zoneGreenwich Mean Time
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideleft

The Seilurog Commonwealth (Welsh: Y Gymanwlad Seilurog) commonly known as Seilurog or the Commonwealth, is an online micronation located in the British Isles. It's culture Seilurogian is a mix of historic aspects from Welsh, English and Russian cultures. The Commonwealth was started in November 2021 by Lord Chancellor Athrwys Pierce and is a unicameral parliamentary republic under a dictatorship.


The name Seilurog derives itself from the historic tribe within Wales.



The Seilurog Commonwealth was established on the 26th of November 2021 as a dictatorship named Gwentia, however began to reform into unicameral parliamentary republic under a dictatorship with the Great Charter, No election to date has been called likely due to the low overall population of the Seilurog Commonwealth.

Government and Politics

Seilurog is a unicameral parliamentary republic under a dictatorship based somewhat loosely on a mixture of the governmental systems of the Commonwealth of England and the United Kingdom. The position of Head of State & Government is known as the Lord Chancellor and is currently occupied by Athrwys Pierce, who is attempting to bestow upon Seilurog a unique and interesting legal system.

The Great Charter created in 2021 established a Parliament, made up of 5 elected representatives known as Members of the Seilurog Parliament (MSP), who have the ability to create legislation. The elections for the Members of the Seilurogian Parliament happen every 4 weeks and the Closed list D'Hondt method is used to elected these members, to date no election has been called.

Legal System

The Seilurog Commonwealth is aiming to establish a common law legal system with an uncodified constitution, The Lord Chancellor has already began to create the initial legislation required in order to establish such a legal system.

Foreign Relations

While the Seilurog Commonwealth has not yet established any official relations it does have a particularly friendly relationship with Gwladcoeden. This is likely due to the Lord Chancellor's citizenship in Gwladcoeden.


Seilurog culture is heavy influenced by the South Wales Valleys with some linguistic and cultural additions from the late Victorian era. However, Russian culture also plays a limited role within Seilurog culture.


The Emblem of Seilurog is a Tudor rose painted in the national colors of Seilurog, the rose represents unity between peoples.