Senate (Tropicana)

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Senate of Tropicana
Founded13 May 2022
Meeting place

The Senate of Tropicana is the upper house of the National People's Congress in the Democratic Republic of Tropicana.


The Senate was founded on 13 May 2022 by the nation's founder, Lucas de Tropicana. It is the oldest house within the nation's government.


Members of the Senate are called Senators. All senators are selected by the President of Tropicana, however the Prime Minister may nominate Deputies to assume senatorship.


The Senate is lead by the Chairman of the Senate who is appointed by the President. However the President, as also a senator, reserves authority over the senate despite not always holding chairmanship.


There are currently only 10 seats on the senate due to the nation's limited population, one of which is reserved for the President of Tropicana. The senate acts as a supervisory body to the Chamber of Deputies, keeps Deputies in check and in line with the Workers' Party's values and gives final ascent on a bill before it goes to the President for presidential ascent despite the President holding a seat in the Senate.

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