Sepp Cervenius

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The Honorable High Bailiff
Sepp Cervenius of Hak'hanna,
Seneschal of Susquehanna
Sepp Cervenius, photographed in early 2020.
High Bailiff of Hak'hanna
Assumed office
March 8, 2020
Predecessor Office formed
Successor Incumbent
President of Wenonah
Assumed office
August 29, 2018
Predecessor Office formed
Successor Office dissolved
Secretary of the United Sovereignties
Assumed office
January 1, 2019
Predecessor Grant Magic (Virgan Republic)
Successor Basil I (Lofokrithia)
Personal information
Born September 7th, 2001
Pennsylvania, United States
Citizenship American, Hannock
Nationality Hannock
Residence Embassy of Hak'hanna, United States
Occupation College Student
Religion Roman Catholic

Sepp Cervenius (formerly known under the alias of Jamison "Jay" Ruz) is an American born micronationalist, currently serving as High Bailiff of the Solidary Bailiwick of Hak'hanna. Cervenius is most likely known for involvement with his previous nation, the Commonwealth of Wenonah.

On August 29 of 2018, Cervenius formally established the Federation of the Eastern Shores as a sovereign state. The nation had developed as an idea over an extended period of months, but was not shared to the internet until its debut. The Eastern Shores quickly entered several diplomatic agreements, including entry into the League of Micronations. In the third month of the Eastern Shores / Shoresia's conception, Cervenius held a referendum within the Shoresian Council to change the name of the nation to the Commonwealth of Wenonah. A majority voted in favor, and the changes took place. Wenonah was active within various micronational organizations, such as the Grand Unified Micronational and the United Sovereignties. Most of Wenonah's activity was found in the "Twitter-sphere" of micronationalism.

In October of 2019, Cervenius announced that he would be taking a leave from micronationalism to focus on his education. He later returned in March of 2020 after five months of hiatus to form the Bailiwick of Hak'hanna, a new project nation founded on ideals first conceptualized through the stewardship efforts of Wenonah. Later this month, he make the decision to change his pseudonym from Jamison Ruz to Sepp Cervenius due to personal interests.

Cervenius' political views can be described as "Green-right", having previously identified as a libertarian. Some of Cervenius' major ideals have been concatenated into a political theory known as Vilicism, buying concepts from bioregionalism, eco-anarchism, and free market environmentalism.

Cervenius is an avid fan of vexillology, and partakes in discussions across internet chatrooms about flag design and good design practice in general.

Titles, styles, and honors

  • 2018–2019: His Excellency, President Jamison Ruz
Template:Country data Hakhanna
  • 2020- : The Honorable Overseer, Sepp Cervenius