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Main page of MicroWiki on 29 October 2005

The September influx was the first community on MicroWiki. Amidst the dormancy of MicroWiki in 2005, several micronationalists coincidentally discovered the wiki via the Internet around the same time in September, resulting in what was to become the first community based around MicroWiki. The community was diverse, consisting of secessionist, jocular and cyber micronations. Diplomacy was conducted via talk pages, a method known as talk page diplomacy. At the time of the influx, MicroWiki was still hosted on Wikicities (now Fandom) at The most notable individual of the influx is Perry of Arlberg, then the most active editor on MicroWiki, who proclaimed himself the new de facto manager of the wiki on 19 October 2005. The term September influx was coined by MicroWiki historian Zabëlle Skye in 2021.


MicroWiki was founded on 27 May 2005 by Fabian Maximilian Schneider, Prince of the Principality of Seraya, for personal use as a result of the Maryland micronations boom. Only a week later, Seraya had greatly declined as a result of a coup d'état and the enthusiasm of the Maryland micronations boom completely diminished. With this, Schneider departed from MicroWiki, causing it to fall into a complete dormancy. Nevertheless, MicroWiki continued to receive some page views, and in September several micronationalists discovered the wiki via the Internet and registered accounts. Within the following months, talk page diplomacy commenced.

Micronations of the influx

Flag of the United Republic of Arlberg, the most prominent micronation of the influx

Although the earliest member of the influx, Perry, is reported to have arrived on 18 September 2005, a snapshot on the Wayback Machine dated 29 November of the article "The Republic of Talossa" shows that said article was last edited on 13 September 2005, indicating that there were edits made to the wiki prior to Perry's arrival.[1]

Micronation Arrival
United Republic of Arlberg 18 September Perry
Carpathian Empire 20 September
Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia 30 September Micheal Fors
Beardmonkeya 30 September Dan


The term September influx was coined by MicroWiki historian Zabëlle Skye in 2021. Little sources on the influx are available, and as such the sociology and diplomatic relations between members of the influx is unknown. All primary sources that survive are some of the undeleted articles still hosted on MicroWiki, revisions of the main page hosted on MicroNations Fandom and three archived pages at the Internet Archive. The only secondary source is A History of MicroWiki, written by Parker I on 24 October 2010 which studied now deleted articles. Smith's book Historical Overview of the MicroWiki community: 2005–2008, published on 31 March 2022, briefly mentions the influx but does not go into extensive detail due to the lack of available sources.

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