List of Westavian Monarchs

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Monarch of Westavia
Athena II
StyleHer Majesty
Heir presumptiveArten, Prince of Desau-Bonn
First monarchShahan I
Formation3 November 2005
first used

The Sovereign of Westavia was the head of state. The office frequently was referred to as the Emperor of Westavia.


By the grace of god, Emperor of Westavia. Protector of the Faith, King of Neudler and Arsavia, Prince of Laskaridia, Prince of Bonn and Settlers, Grand Duke of Neusastria, Archduke of Deuf.

In Westavian

Dēus gratiatā Emprēns. Fidīī Protegā, Rex Netēler et Arsavia, Princepsā dēi Bonn, & Magnus Dux dēi Neusastria, Archiducæ Deuf.


List of Sovereigns
Name Reign Start Reign End Notes Family Portrait
Shahan I August 2014
October 2015 Shahan I was the founder of the nation, he won several decisive battles and consolidated his reign by 2014, he established a form of government and later abdicated in 2015. Westavia
John I and II
Shahan II
October 13th 2015 June 11 2017 Successor to Shahan I, known to be a tyrant and enforced many cruel laws. Was overthrown briefly but restored his reign. Abdicated in 2017. Westavian
Shahan III June 12th 2017 July 12 2018 Also the Seneschal of Laskaridia, cousin of Shahan I. Shahan assumed the title when he was 13, thus his cousin sister, Alexandra, who lived in Newport Beach assumed the title of regent until he turned 15. Westavian Shahan III
John Alexander II July 12 2018 January 19th 2020 Prince of Ruisseau, reigned during the Ruisseauan Civil War. Example N/A
Athena II 1 January 2023 Present Queen of Juniperia None N/A