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Borough of Sheeplandia
Coat of arms
Official languagesCet, English, German, Spanish (de jure)
Spanish (de facto)
• Census
Time zoneUTC-5

Sheeplandia is the westernmost borough of Ceticilia and the only one in the Americas. It is located in the United States of America and surrounded on all sides by Miami-Dade county. It is currently home to the Ceticilian President Mia Torres. During its history it has swapped hands many times starting out as a Ceticilian city, then declaring independence, followed by annexation by Altanniauntil it ultimately ended up as a borough of Ceticilia again, thanks to the EXP 2021-001 request.


Sheeplandia's name was coined by Taylor Mia Torres and is a reference to her like of sheep. The -ia suffix was added for unknown reasons. Sheeplandia is one of the oldest boroughs in Ceticilia to retain its original name.


Sheeplandia was founded by Taylor Mia Torres to become part of Ceticilia as its westernmost city. It remained so for a while until problems with the local cartography and Torres' subsequently declaring independence. This independence wouldn't last long though as not long after it declared independence the (then) Empire of Altannia Unita saw an opportunity to expand their borders. Years later, in 2021, Sheeplandia declared itself to not be a part of Altannia and rejoined Ceticilia as its new westernmost borough on 22 February 2021. (21 February 2021 local time)


The geography of Sheeplandia is typical of that of Miami and the land around it, being generally very flat[1] and having a tropical monsoon climate, with hot and humid summers and warm winters.[2] Snow is very rare in this part of Ceticilia and temperatures seldom go below 15 °C.

Physical geography

The physical geography of Sheeplandia is low-lying, wet lands with many smaller lakes and ponds strewn around the local area. The local flora consists out of palm trees and deciduous trees. It is located in the South of the US-state of Florida, next door to Miami and by extension close to the Atlanic ocean. It is the only Ceticilian borough to be that low-lying and gets the most tropic storms out of every Ceticilian borough.


Sheeplandia is tropical and therefore gets a lot of rainfall every year. It sees tropic storms almost yearly.


There is currently only one Ceticilian in Sheeplandia.