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Crown Dependency of Austenasia
Established16 February 2022
 • Governing CommissionerH.E. Juntao Yang, Duke of Shuhan
 • Total0.0025 km2 (0.0010 sq mi)
 • Total2
Time zoneUTC+8

Shuhan is a Crown Dependency of the Empire of Austenasia which is an enclave of the Chinese county of Longhui. It was claimed for Austenasia by its owner and two residents, and annexed in February 2022. Shuhan is composed primarily of wooded land, alongside a small property inhabited by its two residents.

Shuhan is administered by Juntao Yang, who serves as its governing commissioner with the title Duke of Shuhan, and lives there along with his mother. Their family can trace its descent from the rulers of one of the so-called Three Kingdoms of third century China, Shu Han, in honour of which the crown dependency was named.

Shuhan was officially claimed by the Navurania and Shuhan Act 2022, which was passed by the Parliament of Austenasia at 11pm UTC on 15 February 2022. This was already 16 February in China, and as such the latter date is considered Shuhan’s date of foundation.