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The Official Slope Monsters Office
Склоновые Mонстры (Russian)
Flag of the Slope Monsters
Coat of arms of the Slope Monsters
Coat of arms
Motto: "Земля, Люди, Свобода"
"Land, People, Freedom"
Anthem: Slope Monsters National Anthem
Mainland map of TOSMO
LocationPittsburgh, United States
CapitalTOSMO City
Largest citySherylwood
Official languagesTumanese, Russian, English, Poventoronese, Polish, Interslavic
Recognised national languagesEnglish, Russian, Tumanese, Interslavic
Recognised regional languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
  • 20% Tumanesean
  • 30% White
  • 15% Black
  • 20% Poventoronese
  • 12% Slavic
  • 3% German
GovernmentFederal presidential republic
• President
Igor Fadeev
• Vice President
Chaney Lewis
• Prime Minister
Elijah O'brien
LegislatureGreat Council of Slope Monsters
Representatives, Governors
• Independence
12 August 2021
• Constitution signed
12 August 2021
• 2023 estimate
7.4 million
• 2021 census
very high
CurrencySlope Monsters Dollar SM$
  • US Dollar accepted officially
  • Russian Rubel accepted Unofficially {only used in Russian Slope Monsters Autonomous State
Time zoneUTC-4:00
Driving sideright
Calling code+1000
Internet TLD.SM

The Official Slope Monsters Office, more commonly known as Slope Monsters, is a micronation in Pennsylvania. Slope Monsters is located to the east of Pittsburgh in Western Pennsylvania, It is known for its hilly and steep slopes terrain. Slope Monsters also lays claim to the islands of Golden Cay, Gumelemi Cay, Ben's Cay, and Musha Cay. Slope Monsters claims a piece of land in Antarctica known as the Antarctic Autonomous Province

The politics in Slope Monsters is a democratic and a council government. Slope Monsters uses both the Metric system and the Imperial System of measuring.

Slope Monsters has a policy that if the trust rate is below 85% that you need a SM VISA to enter or pass through Slope Monsters.


It was originally supposed to be called Mountain Monsters but due to that name being taken it was replaced to Slope Monsters due to the surrounding terrain. Slope Monsters also has a conventional long name: The Official Slope Monsters Office or TOSMO.


The Slope Monsters was created on August 12, 2021, as a monsters hunting organization to hunt down the skinwalker and other creatures. But after no success, Brian Slacza created an empire. But then on November 3rd, due to pressure from the Government and People, Brian stepped down and let Igor Fadeev create a democratic government. It was in many wars. The most deadly was the 2nd Churchill-Slope Monsters war that started on January 7, 2023.

At the end of the war 623,000 people lost their lives.

2021-2022 After the founding of the territory the Wilkins Township Republic declared war on Slope Monster but after 2 bloody weeks, Slope Monsters emerged victorious and flew their flag high. On August 19, 2022 Slope Monsters got involved in a conflict with Swissvale after a border clash at point Arch.

On April 9, 2022 Slope Monsters became the first micronation to put a person in Space, and Igor Fadeev became the first child in space.

War with CRA

On October 2, 2021 the CRA Clown Revolutionary Army bombarded the country. Slope Monsters declared war on October 3, 2021. Slope Monsters and CRA's first battle was the battle of Fresno. Slope Monsters troops landed in East Fresno, and drove them to the city center. In the middle of the city CRA troops opened fire onto the tanks.

Slope Monsters spend 9 months in the war fighting all across the world.

1st Churchill War December 8, 2022 - January 3, 2023

On December 8, 2022: Churchill attacked a civilian apartment in Jordan City, and later made several incursions into the territory of Slope Monsters. Slope Monster retaliated and began a bloody campaign upwards into Churchill. The Battle of the Wretched Hill was the bloodiest battle. It started in Wretched Hills, Churchill. Slope Monsters forces charged up the hill while machine guns fired upon the Soldiers.

At the end, Slope Monsters managed to get past the defenses wall and destroyed the inside. The casualties were 78,000. The war ended on January 3rd, 2023.

2nd Slope Monsters-Churchill warJanuary 7 - February 18, 2023

Churchill armies once again invaded Slope Monsters on January 7, 2023. But Slope Monsters managed to repeal them for 5 days before it was eventually pushed back into Slope Monsters. The Churchill soldiers began committing war crimes against the civilians of Slope Monsters. Slope Monsters had back up from every micronation.

Battle of Lucas City

The Battle of Lucas City began on January 19, 2023. It was originally a defense after Churchill got inside the city. "Slope Monster's Stalingrad!" said General Tanner of the Slope Monsters 3rd Division. On February 2, 2023 the Slope Monsters Soldiers kicked Churchill out of the city. Slope Monsters G.S.S. (Great Soldiers Squad) and SMFP (Slope Monsters Forest Patrol) have had many battles. The most deadliest one was the 2nd Battle of Tarman. There was fighting for 2 weeks before Slope Monsters made the break through and defeated Churchill Army.

Sacha Conflicts

Sacha State is the state that is across the Monongahela River. The State was gifted to Slope Monsters by the Duquesne Republic. On February 27, 2023 at 1:30 AM, a riot broke out between the Slope Monsters Police Squad and the Rioters. The Rioters stated that Sacha State is an independent country. The rioters proclaimed the establishment of the Republic of Sacha.

Slope Monsters send military troops to deal with the problem. The Sachan Dollar then dropped value from 1 SAC=12.00 USD to 1 SAC=.000000002830082939775578632 USD. The great fire of Sacha then occurred as the government used lighters to replace the currency. On March 15, 2023 Slope Monster's ally Monongahela Empire (Previously AVAW) helped Slope Monsters with its liberation. The war ended on March 16, 2023 after the "president" of Sacha was killed by Slope Monsters troops in his bunker in Sacha City.

White Oak war

On May 3, 2023 White Oak attacked the blockade that Slope Monsters set up to protect Monongahela Imperium, It occurred in the Monongahela River (Sacha Straight). 48 out of the 182 ships in the blockade were sunk. Later Main Chief Igor Fadeev made a speech.

Dear Citizens of Slope Monsters, On this day, White Oak Navy attacked and sunk our ships, and killed 1,292 navy men. I have spoken with Monongahela Imperium's President. The president of Slope Monsters, Brian Slacza allowed me to Invade the Nation. So today, I DECLARE WAR ON WHITE OAK! They invaded our territorial waters, and killed off our men. We are not letting them do that without a fight. We shall fight to the DEATH IF THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES! We NEVER GIVE UP. SHOW THOSE WHITE OAK BASTARDS WHAT THEY MESSED WITH!!!

The war was fought until the 23rd of August, 2023. With the Slope Monsters flag flying over the Presidential Palace, and the White Oak State Square. The country lost the most soldiers during the war ~750,000 armed forces

The most deadliest battles in the war were:

  • 5. Battle of Zalgreb - 72,000
  • 4. Battle of Trigaleshi - 82,000
  • 3. Battle of Zachovny - 105,000
  • 2. Battle of Oak City (White Oak's Capital) - 121,000
  • 1. Battle of Edenville - 156,000

Politics and government

The Slope Monsters Government works like this: Parent Company (The Official Slope Monsters Office) owns and manages the Government (Great Council of Slope Monsters) which has multiple parts to it: Parties, Senators, Governors, Representatives, and finally: The Top 6: President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Main Chief, CEO, 2nd Head Director. Elections: Unlike the American government there is an election for every position. The people elect the president, Vice-President, and PM. Losers of the positions. President-Main Chief, Vice-President-CEO, PM-2nd Head Director.

The regions/territories are split into 5 groups: Administrative Districts, States, Provinces, Autonomous States, and Autonomous Provinces. States and Provinces are controlled directly by the government in the Capital. Meanwhile the Autonomous States & Provinces govern and control themselves and have a constitution and everything. The Administrative Districts are: Capital Region, Administrative District of TOSMO, and Antarctic Region. The administrative district controls a certain area.

  • Capital region controls the country
  • Administrative District Controls the islands, and is a major political area
  • Antarctic Region controls the territories SM controls in Antarctica

States are 100% federal laws, and hold all court cases, trades, etc... on a federal zone

Provinces can have their own court and laws, but mostly hold everything on a Federal Scale.

COVID-19 Response

Slope Monsters was formed in the middle of the Coronavirus. Slope Monsters has distributed masks and face shields to it's citizens during the COVID-19. Slope Monsters also forced 3 major lockdowns due to outbreaks in the administrative , district, Capital Region, and Chalfant Province. The COVID-19 has affected the president of Slope Monsters Igor Fadeev from September 4th to October 6th, 2022.

Flag of Slope Monsters

The Slope Monsters flag is divided into 3 sections: The White, The Yellow, and the Black Part. The White part with the triangles are teeth of the monsters and people who tried to bring the nation down, the Yellow stands for the shine of Gold. The X and the dot represent the death of the people and fearless soldiers of the Slope Monsters. And the black area represents the Wars that Slope Monsters was in to get it's independence and survive and keep on existing.

Court System

The Slope Monsters court system is divided into 4 parts: The Prosecution, The Defense, Judges of Court Services, and the Jury.

The Prosecution Responsible for prosecuting criminals, tax fraud, voting fraud, rigging political events, etc...

Defense Lawyers who look for evidence to prove Prosecution wrong.

Judges Listen to Jury and the testimonies, make important decisions, etc...

Jury Decision/Verdict makers. They must attend meetings, help the judge make the verdict, and make sure that the court case and everything said is in the law book.

Early government

A monarchy The Kingdom of Slope Monsters (September 9-November 3, 2021) was the very first empire in the region of Allegheny county. It was ruled by Brian Slacza. The government was governed by the Great Parliamentary Government of the Kingdom of Slope Monsters (GPGKSM) TDL code was: .sm Phone call code: +764 (now +1000)

President (Head of State)

President: Controls the army, Areas, Trade, and government meetings

Vice-President (Head of government)

Vice-President: Controls war, trades, peace, areas, a portion of the military, and fills in for President if he/she is absent in a meeting.

Prime Minister

Prime-Minister: Has a firm grip on the regions/territories, military, etc... and connects it to the GCSM, Passes the law


Main Chief (head of Military)

Controls the military, can declare war if criteria is met.


Controls policies, intermicronational deals, controls trade

2nd Head Director

Controls the way everything works, makes necessary changes in the government, directs ambassadors to nations, sets goals for the nation (5 Month Plan).

Law and order

Slope Monsters has 218 articles that are fully enforced and are split into 3 parts: Minor Misdemeanor, Mild Misdemeanor, and Serious Misdemeanor.

  • Minor: 50 hours of community service, bump up in taxes, and a $30.00 fine.
  • Mild: 100 community service, bump up in Taxes $100.00 fine.
  • Serious: Prison time, massive fine, in extreme cases even death.

Slope Monster uses the Slope Monsters Court Services Slope Monsters also has a major court presence in Braddock Republic, Spanish Wells, and Turtle Creek Republic.


The military is divided in 2: Slope Monsters Forest Patrol (SMFP), and Great Soldiers Squad (GSS). GSS is an elite team it has 6 ranks (lowest to highest): Alpha, Beta, Nova, Gora, Delta, and Soyuz. The SMFP is structured in the same way: (Lowest to highest)

  • Private - First Class,
  • Private - Second Class,
  • Private - Third Class,
  • Officers,
  • Patrol Unit,
  • Soldiers - Minor Class (S3)
  • Soldiers - Junior Class (S2)
  • Soldiers - Senior Class (S1)
  • Snipers,
  • Spy,
  • Medical Officer
  • Council Officer,
  • Military Police
  • Republican Guard,
  • Staff Sargent (E4)
  • Combat Sargent (E3)
  • Head Sargent (E2)
  • Special Republican Guard,
  • Commander
  • Commanding Sargent (E1)
  • lieutenant,
  • Colonel,
  • Lieutenant Colonel - First Class,
  • Lieutenant Colonel - second Class,
  • Lieutenant Colonel - Third Class,
  • Junior General
  • Division General
  • Major General
  • Main Chief

The legislative branch has a firm grip to connect it to the Government.

Slope Monsters' economy is $12,000,000,000,000 USD or SM$ 24,000,000,000,000 SMDR. Because Slope Monsters Army is the backbone of the country TOSMO spends 2.3 Trillion USD/4.6 Trillion SMDR annually.


  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Marines
  • Navy
  • Special Rocket Forces (formerly Nuclear Administration)
  • Space Force
  • Backrooms Division
  • Coast Guard
  • Border Patrol
  • Slope Monsters Intelligence Agency
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations

Foreign relations

Slope Monsters recognizes all micronations except for Noland, and Malus. Slope Monsters does not recognize Ohio (Indiana Owned), New Jersey (Pennsylvania Owned), Alaska (Part of Russia), Hawaii (Independent Nation). Slope Monsters does not recognize North and South Korea (Unified), South Sudan (Sudanese), and finally People's Republic of China. Slope Monsters MUST have an embassy in your nation and your nation must have an embassy in Slope Monsters. To be recognized by Slope Monsters, you must either have some sort of relation with Slope Monsters or be in the Grand Unified Micronational, or League of Independent Nations. To get your recognition contact by tagging yourself in the discussion page of the talk center.

Unilateral recognition

Mutual recognition

Recognition refused


Administrative regions

Slope Monsters either buys land or gets it through conflict. Then a meeting is held to divide the area and make it 1 of the 4 region options. Autonomous Province & State is a poll says to govern themselves and State is Alpha Party wins and Province if the Tark wins. The Administrative District acts as an autonomous region (Governs itself but is under the rule of Slope Monsters.) It can also claim itself an autonomous area if the ethnicity and way of ruling still remains, or the a larger population of certain people reside there.

Reaction to Russo-Ukraine War

On February 24, 2022 Russia had invaded Ukraine. The general reaction of the people was horrified. The then president of Slope Monsters Igor Fadeev who was a Russian born made a speech on March 1, 2022 in TOSMO City:

"My fellow Citizens and Members of Slope Monsters. This is your president Igor Fadeev. I see that many of you are just as shocked as I am on my country's actions in Ukraine. It is never okay for anyone or anything to attack a peaceful nation. As a Russian, and the president of Slope Monsters, I feel obliged to give this speech. The Russian Armed Forces invaded Ukraine, but I ask you from the bottom of my heart, that you do not hate all Russians! Just because the government is doing this stuff, this does not mean that you can just go around hating everyone. I mean... how would you feel if someone blamed you for the actions of your leader? And you can not have done anything! It would be unfair! I still have family in Russia! In fact most Russian do not even want this war. I love my country, I am going to say that, but I won't say I agree with their actions in Ukraine. This message is for everyone. It is not easy being an immigrant from a nation that almost everybody hates. It is also not easy having to be president of nation with everyone to be expecting you to be on the first story there is! I ask you that do not blame all Russians, and I ask you to help Ukrainians. This was my entire speech, Goodbye."

-Igor Fadeev's address to Slope Monsters.


  • Slope Monsters News (Government - English)
  • Новости склонных монстров (Government - Russian)
  • Slope Monstrovsk Novnew (Government - Tumanese)
  • New Moscow Times (English)
  • Нью-Москва Таймс (Russian)
  • Golden Cay Post (English)
  • Lucas City News (Privately Owned - English)
  • Slava Times (Privately Owned - Russian)

Geography and climate

Slope Monsters has 2 areas: mainland, and 4 Caribbean islands/ The main land is a Continental climate, and is very hilly area. While the islands are located in a warm, tropical climate, and are relatively flat.

Slope Monsters also lays claims onto the islands on Gumelemi Cay, Golden Cay, Ben's Cay, and Musha Cay.

Slope Monsters also has a very small area called Antarctic Autonomous Province in Antarctica. The lowest temperature recorded is -134F. The highest is -26F.


Currency: Slope Monsters Dollar (SMDR) {1 SMDR=$0.50 USD}


  • Machinery
  • raw materials
  • guns,
  • tanks,
  • fighters,
  • planes,
  • food


  • Fighters,
  • Planes,
  • raw materials,
  • food and water,
  • lobsters,
  • etc...

Political Parties

Ministries Slope Monsters ministries are split into 2: The first minister and the 2nd minister.

1st Ministers: Controls the States, controls the government, and controls the amount of money printing.

2nd Minister: Controls Provinces, fills out paperwork, and is Slope Monsters Intelligence Agency CEO.

Name Logo Party Leader Ideologies Political Party Seats Council Headquarters Spectrum Notes
Alpha Party Igor Fadeev Democracy
10 / 30
5 / 60
TOSMO City, Capital Region, SM Conservative this party is allowed to participate in the elections (All)
Tark Party Brian Slacza Internationalism
6 / 30
4 / 60
Apartments City, Administrative District, SM Conservative Allowed to participate in election (All)
AVAW Party - Monongahela Imperium rules this party Oliver Swanton Semi-Constitutional Monarchy
1 / 30
1 / 60
Avery City, AVAW A.S., SM Liberal Conservative Not allowed to participate in elections
Liberalist Party Ahmir Woods Liberalism
2 / 30
1 / 60
TOSMO City, Capital Region, SM Liberal Allowed to participate in elections (All)
Communist Party Slope Monsters John Deer Communist
4 / 30
1 / 60
New Moscow, Russian Slope Monsters A.S., SM Communist Conservative Allowed to participate in elections (All)
No Party No logo No one person Depends
2 / 30
47 / 60
No HQ No spectrum Not allowed to participate in elections
Royalist Party

Jayla Brown Royalist
5 / 30
1 / 60
Lucas City, Lucas Autonomous Province, SM Royalist Liberal Not allowed


Date Name Notes
1 January New Year's Day
3 January Victory Day (1st Slope Monsters - Churchill War) Celebration, Day-off, and Veterans Parties
7 January Orthodox Christmas Orthodox Christians
18 February Victory Day (2nd Slope Monsters - Churchill War) Parade, Celebration, Day-Off, Veterans Parties
5 March Unity Day People Celebrating the Unity of the Nation
Mar 17, 2024 Maslenitsa (Russian Pancake Day)
31 March Saint Bus Day Spam at president's school: "BUS, BUS, BUS, BUS"
1 Sunday in April Easter
9 April First Child in Space/First Micronation in Space First Micronation in Space/2022 Igor went to space
May 1st Worker's Day Celebrating the workers, Day-Off
May 4 Summer's Coming Celebrating 26 Days to Summer
May 5 Remembrance Day (2023 Cartos City Nuclear Power Plant disaster)
Last week of May Make Somebody happy Make strangers happy
31 May Opposite Day Everything you say/do is opposite
1 June Children's Day Celebrating Children
25 June First Child Space Walk (Igor Fadeev & Brian Slacza) First Micronational Space Walk
1 July New 6 months Like New Years
4 July Fireworks Day Could not be independence day since SM is in August
5 July Family Day People are with families
12 August Constitution Day/Unofficial Independence Parade/Celebration/Day-Off
23 August Victory Day (Summer War) Parade, Celebration, Day-Off, Veterans Parties
17 September Official Independence Day-Off
October Halloween Month 1, 15, 31st of October are Trick or treating nights
November No Nut November Challenge for Men
4th Saturday of November Thanks Giving
27 November Beat a Furry day Anti-Furry Holiday
24 December Monsterian Christmas Monsterians Christians
25 December Christmas Regular Christians
31 December Old Year Day Last Day of the year

There are tons of different cultures in Slope Monsters, way too many to count. The largest ethnicity is Tumanese. The traditions of Slope Monsters are to welcome any new comers with open arms, and make a small house warming party. Family day is a tradition mainly used by Poventoronese, Monsterians, and Tumanesians.

"When a newcomer enters your home, give them support, love, and shelter" The gods and goddesses of Slope Monsters. (Combined from Bible, Quran, Torah, and many other religious books)

Phone numbers

(XX)-XX-XXXXXX the first 2 numbers are for the region of SM, the 2nd 2 are the providers, and the last numbers are the ID.


There are many ways to transit through the country, mainly on Highways

A=Highways M=State Roads T=Turnpike

A=Highways M=State Roads T=Turnpike

The speed limit is in both KMH and MPH.

The Top sign: Kilometers per hour Bottom Sign: Miles per hour

Other info

Measuring System = Metric and Imperial

Driving Side = Right

Highest Speed Limit = 100 mph/160 kmh - Alpha Grand Highway (William Penn Highway)

Lowest Speed Limit = 10 mph/16 kmh - In major cities

Highest Point = Mt. Ann 1,095.8 ft.

Lowest Point = Sacha Trench (Monongahela river) 408 ft.

Age Rating/Classifications

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