Social Democratic Alliance (Francisville)

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Social Democratic Alliance
LeaderDr. Sir James K. von Puchow, KHJ et al
Founded2 April 2012
Dissolved3 June 2014
HeadquartersSycamore Booker, Landashir
Membership (2012)2
IdeologySocial democracy, social libertarianism, democratisation, pro-welfare state, decentralisation, pacifism, anti-capitalism, environmentalism.
Federal Council
1 / 3
Federal Chamber
1 / 5
Cantonal Executives
1 / 4

The Social Democratic Alliance of Francisville (formerly of Austenasia), often abbreviated to the SDA, was a political party in the Federal Republic of Francisville which aimed to advance the principles of social libertarianism and democracy. Founded in the Empire of Austenasia, it "migrated" to Francisville on 25 August 2012. Its leader throughout its existence was Dr. Sir James von Puchow, the founder of the party.


The party was founded on 2 April 2012 by James von Puchow, becoming the second party to be registered in the Empire of Austenasia. Following the admission of North Llabdey into the federation, von Puchow moved the party to Francisville on 25 August 2012. The electoral basis of the party was entirely concentrated in North Llabdey and it did not stand candidates for elections in any other canton. It successfully received one representative in both the Federal Chamber and the Federal Council in the 2012 Federal Election. The party's leader James von Puchow was subsequently elected as the inaugural President of Francisville, until June 2013. Following North Llabdey's withdrawal from the federation on 3 June 2014, the party was dissolved.


The political alignment of the Social Democratic Alliance incorporated aspects of democratic socialism, left libertarianism and green politics. Its manifesto commitments during federal elections emphasized policies which advanced environmental protection, direct democracy, and support for federal education and the welfare state. Its ideological positions shared fundamental points of agreement with the Liberty Union, the largest political party in Francisville. It has been observed that the differences between the SDA and the Liberty Union represent similar yet distinct political traditions across different cantons rather than competing political opposition. The Liberty Union concentrated its electoral efforts in Wasserbrueck and Rudno whilst the SDA fielded candidates only in North Llabdey. Despite this, there were notable differences in approach between the two parties:

  • Foreign Policy: In common with the Liberty Union: International commitment to human rights, peaceful diplomacy, neutrality in response to micronational war, and opposition to Imperialism and militarism.
  • Foreign Policy: In contrast to the Liberty Union: Significantly more sympathetic to membership in international organisations and international treaties to promote pacifism and cultural development, in opposition to the emphatic neutrality and isolationism expression by many Liberals.
  • Constitution: In common with the Liberty Union: Defense of fundamental constitutional values of direct democracy, federalism, consensus forms of government, the balance and separation of powers, and constitutionally protected economic and social rights.
  • Constitution: In contrast to the Liberty Union: Less suspicious of the use of federal authority to achieve social and economic aims. More supportive of Federal programs in education and environmental affairs, emphasizing a balance of power between the federation and the cantons.

List of Leaders

Picture Name Term start Term end Notes
Dr. Sir James K. von Puchow, KHJ et al 2 April 2012 14 March 2014 Founder of the party. Moved the party from Austenasia to Francisville on 25 August 2012. Served as President of the Federal Council.

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