Social Republic of Kekprana

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Social Republic of Kekprana
Flag of Henstein
Flag of Faltree
Coat of arms of Example
Coat of arms
Anthem: God save Ireland
LocationRhode Island
Largest CityAmesston
Official languagesEnglish, Irish, Dutch, Greek
Recognised national languagesIrish
Christianity (only one permitted)
GovernmentUnitary Franklinist presidential workers republic
• Supreme Chairman
Thomas Jacobs
LegislatureKekpranan Legislature
Provisional Council
Legislative Assembly
• Independence
31 October 2022
• Dissolved
17 December 2022
• Total
345.9 km2 (133.6 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
• Summer (DST)
Date formatmm/dd/yyyy
Driving sideroad
Calling code+1

The Social Republic of Kekprana, also known by its shortname Kekprana or known by the pejorative Halloween Republic, was a satirical workers republic located in Rhode Island which claims to be the legal successor of the first Zepranan republic, founded in August 2021. The social republic followed an incoherent and contradictory ideology called Libertarian-Fascist-Leninism, and placed original founder of Zeprana Terry McKeen as a role model for all the nation for what not to do.


The name of the Social Republic came from the name Zeprana, and the Internet expression “kek”, which is used in the name of Kekistan.


On 31 October 2022, the Social Republic was declared by the Provisional Council to form a workers republic to claim the legal status of successor to Zeprana. The position of Supreme Chairman was awarded to Thomas Jacobs, one of the Provisional Councillors.

Politics and government

The government waa a presidential workers republic under the ideology of Franklinism. The Supreme Chairman of the Social Republic served as paramount leader, and the Provisional Council; which served as the interim legislature and judiciary.

Supreme Chairman

The Supreme Chairman servef as the chief executive of the Social Republic, and was elected by the people of Kekprana. The Supreme Chairman possessed all executive power, and could decree anything into law.

Provisional Council

The Provisional Council was the interim legislative and judicial body. The Provisional Council created all non executive-decreed laws

Political parties

Political parties were allowed in Kekprana, and the only one was the United Party, which was state-endorsed by its Captain (leader), Thomas Jacobs.

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Provisional Council
Noflag.svg United Party UP Thomas Jacobs Franklinism Extreme-right
5 / 5
Noflag.svg National Jihad Party NJP Hasse Sharia and jihad right-wing
0 / 5

Law and order

Law and order was preserved by the Kekpranan Liberation Army, which also acted as the military.


The Kekpranan Liberation Army acted as the military forces of the Social Republic.

Administrative regions

The Social Republic claimed all territories of the McKeenist Federal Republic of Zeprana.

Geography and climate

The geography of Kekprana was similar to Rhode Island.


The economy was run in a Libertarian-Fascist-Leninist system, made up of companies ran entirely by members of the Provisional Council in their capacities as private citizens.

Culture and media

The culture of Kekprana is a meme culture, infested with references to Kekistan and other memes related to it.


All Christian holidays were celebrated in Kekprana.

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