Socialist Labour Party (Georgienstine)

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Socialist Labour Party
Parti travailliste socialiste
LeadersBen Olson
Saionji Kinstune
Deputy leadersRoy Jackson
Arden Zwählen
Presidential nomineeBen Olson
Vice presidential nomineeSaionji Kintsune
Founded2 December 2020
Dissolved15 August 2021
NewspaperPeople's Voice
IdeologyDe Leonism
Industrial unionism
Political positionLeft-wing to far-left
Colors  Red
SloganWe shall overcome
0 / 16
0 / 8

The Socialist Labour Party was a left-wing to far-left political party in the Social Republic of Georgienstine. It was founded after the dissolution of the Movement for Socialism by congressmembers Ben Olson and Gaia Grìbhinneach. The party supported De Leonism, a form of syndicalism developed by American activist Daniel De Leon.

Campaign platform

  • Dismantle the police state
  • Strengthen and encourage the creation of unions
  • Nationalize key industries, including housing; food; healthcare; transportation; energy; education; and other public utitilities
  • Implement a Green New Deal in Georgienstine
  • Implement direct referenda on legislation passed by the National Congress
  • Abolish the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Legalize abortion
  • Legalize IVF
  • Legalize cannabis
  • Decriminalize all drugs
  • Allow transgender and non-binary individuals to change their legal genders
  • Implement an equal age of consent for males and females
  • Allow homosexuals to serve in the military