Socialist Party of Timeria

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Socialist Party of Timeria
LeaderGeneral Coordinator
FoundedNovember 1, 2002
IdeologyWorkers' council, Anti-capitalism, Direct democracy, Economic democracy,
ColoursRed, Withe

The Socialist Party of Timeria was an anti-capitalist, mutualist, and libertarian political party in Timeria.

The Socialist Party was founded in November 2002, replacing the Humanist Radical Party of Timeria.

In the 2015 senatorial election, SP gaining 4 seats in the Senate of Timeria.


The party labels itself as democratic socialist, defends the criticism of the state models, promoves a form of political and economic organization in which a single place of work or enterprise, such as a factory, school, or farm, is controlled collectively by the workers of that workplace, through the core principle of temporary and instantly revocable delegates and a direct democracy in the micronation.