Socialist People's Republic of Danesland

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Socialist People's Republic of Danesland
Danesland flag.png Daneslandic Coat of Arms.png

Motto: "From nothing, something"
Anthem: No Motherland Without You
Western New York, United States of America
Capital Blythe
Official language

English, Daneslandic, German

Official religion Athiesm
Demonym Daneslandic
Government Unitary Socialist Republic, Single Party State
General Secretary of the Communist Party of Danesland; James Thomson
Premier Matthew Arenza
Legislature National Congress of the CPSPRD
- Type Unicameral
- Seats 3
- Last Election -
Established July 25, 2011
Abolished June 22, 2012
Population 20
Currency Daneslandic Dollar(ᵹ)
Time zone UTC+5
National animal Squirrel

The Socialist People's Republic of Danesland (Daneslandic: Socizliztichichs Republikes Populus a Danesland) was a communist state located in western New York founded in 2011 during the July Revolution.

On July 15, the Democratic People's Republic of Danesland fell into a state of inactivity after an attempted military coup, forcing the government to retaliate. Soon after, the DPRD fell and out of it came the Socialist People's Republic of Danesland.


2009 Socialist Surge

In 2009, the former Republic of Danesland, at the time a banana republic, switched governments. It became a Democratic Socialist state, similar to those in Scandinavian countries. At the time, the workers rights party was slowly growing in membership.

Socialist People's Republic

In 2011, the micronation became a Socialist Republic, which also around that time, a new conlang was introduced to the micronation, Daneslandic.


The Government of the SPRD is headed by the Politburo, which is the...

Foreign Relations

See: Foreign relations of Danesland

Health Care

The Health Care of Danesland is socialized. It is relitivily good due to the lack of funding and training, and is mostly only helps head-aches cuts, bruises, and various other conditions, the rest of the healthcare is taken care of by the U.S. It currently has one small clinic in the capital city outfitted to handle a small amount of patients with cuts and bruises. 


The economy is stable but the people in Pyun deal with low living standards, this is being handled by the Ministry of the Interior and other various government agencies. It has a GDP of 30.00USD or 3500ᵹ. The main import is lumber and water, and the main exports are blackberries, strawberries and corn. The economy nearly crashed in June 2009 due to low trade but was brought back up un a matter of months.

The government currently regulates all business' inside of Danesland, and all business' must be employee owned.

Internal Afffairs

The internal affairs of Danesland are relitivily stable with barely no government opposistion with the exception of the Supreme Republican Party, which teeters on the brink of extinction due to its inactivity and the government restrictions on the partie due to the aniti-Danesland stance and call for a civil war against the government, attempting to put a capitalist economy in place and a military dictatorship in place of the current system.

Government Projects

The Government (as of c.2010) is working on a series of projects to create a more self sufficient community, written below are the current projects, all are in the development stage.

  • A Post Office
  • An online shop
  • A miniture version of a house powered by a toy windmill
  • A downloadable game that simulates the Danesland wilderness in the Mainland (release date should be in 2011 or 2012)


The Office of the President is acts like a census bureau in Danesland and is in charge of the yearly census. The President's office reports that there is a population of 75 citizens as of September 9, 2010, with 20 citizens active in internal affairs and 0 unregistered citizens. Danesland has the ninth largest population according to MicroWiki sources, with the largest proven population belonging to New Europe. The Daneslandic People have a large ancestrial backround with 7 accounted for, the largest being english and the largest ethnic minority is Asain-American.


As a Democratic People's Republic, English was the de-facto language of Danesland, with German, French and Spanish spoken by many citizens. In 2010, 100% of the population spoke english as a first language. Danesland's government currently recognizes all languages spoken as real languages.

Since the current Socialist People's Republic in 2011, a new conlang was invented called Daneslandic, which became one of the official languages of Danesland along with English.



The music in Danesland is mostly classical with classic rock and various other genres listened to by the people


Karl Marx's works and various other works are popular with the majority of the population. 


Javelin Throwing is a popular sport with soccer being the preferredsport. Their is a national Javelin team with a soccer team being formed.

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