Socialist Republic of Hoku

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Socialist Republic of Hoku
Flag of Hoku
Coat of arms of Hoku
Coat of arms
Motto: "Ad Victoriam Hoku!"
"To Victory Hoku!"
Anthem: Rocky Top Tennessee
CapitalThomson Territory
Largest cityThompson Territory
Official languagesAmerican English
GovernmentSocialist republic
• Supreme Leader
Independence from the United States
• Foundation of the Republic
19 May 2022-formed
• 1st November 2023-dissolved
Succeeded by the Republic of Hoku
CurrencyUnited States dollar (USD)
Time zoneCST
Date formatmm-dd-yyyy
Driving sideleft

Hoku, officially the Socialist Republic of Hoku was a micronation located within North America, specifically Tennessee. It was founded by the Supremer Leader Tipton on May 19, 2022 and founded on TikTok and Discord. The government of Hoku is a socialist republic under a dictatorship.


"Hoku" means star in the Hawaiian language the reason it was chosen was because Supreme Leader Tipton thought it sounded like a good name and the star is a common socialist symbol.


Following the fall of Monunnism, Hoku immediately was born at 05/19/2022 6;46 PM.

Hoku soon, about a day after being founded, drew up its borders only claiming the territory of Vallejo State, Rose Crest State, Lexington State, and the Blue Grass State.

The new Republic inherited some of the empire's old values, such as keeping Tipton as the dictator.

Soon, the republic started opening doors to diplomatic alliances. The nation kept most of the same allies though, such as the Kingdom of Huntia, and the Cristorian Kingdom.

Not long after, the nation made another Discord server for Huntia, after the last one that was made for them under Monunnism had been nuked for some racist remarks made by the dictator that he has since apologized for.

Soon tragedy would rise, as the original Hoku account would get banned off of TikTok, and Supreme Leader Tipton could not make a new account because he had been device banned from TikTok for unknown reasons.

Shortly afterward, the Cristoro-Huntian Cold War would break out and Hoku would back Cristoria in the war. Huntia would then break away from the Discord server that Tipton had made them and make their own. When Supreme Leader Tipton found out about this, he deiced to join the sever but then made a joke about Nazi Germany. This broke the rules so the Huntian government banned him. Feeling betrayed, Tipton soon got an ally, that will not be named to join the server, get mod, and unban him and soon give Supreme Leader Tipton administrative roles where they would both nuke the server and tag the Huntian leader on discord for almost 2 hours, this causing and end to Hoku-Huntia relations for the next several months. But soon, Huntia's leader would reach out to Supreme Leader Tipton in Discord direct messages, where they negotiated, and Supreme Leader Tipton even making Huntia a brand new Discord server.

Foreign Relations

Socialist Republic of Hoku Recognizes:

Hoku Condemns:

United Socialist Republics of Almendria/Almendrian Allies

United States of Zeprana

Kingdom of Huntia

Imperial Taksovian Empire


Flag Name Leader Establishment
Thompson Territory Supreme Leader Tipton 09-26-2022
Vallejo (needs to be elected) 05-19-2022
Lexington Supreme Leader Tipton 05-19-2022
Blue Grass (needs to be elected) 05-19-2022
Rose Crest (needs to be elected) 05-19-2022
Hiko (needs to be elected) 11-12-2022

Wars and Conflicts

Hoku has been a relatively peaceful nation, with its only offical conflict being with the Federation of Gorthia. Hoku has never sufferd any casulites in war or conflict, as they are located at least 3 miles from any other nations. Hoku does have a military, but with no real gear besides three BB guns. However, Supreme Leader Tipton has training with real weapons.

Hoku has backed some nations micronations in some conflicts in the past, such as the First War on Gorthalism, the Cristoro-Huntian Cold War, and the Gorthian war on Sythia.


The Socialist Republic of Hoku was apart of S.N.O.P before it was officially dissolved with the dissolution of the Cristorian Socialist Republic. (know the Cristorian Kingdom). Hoku would soon reform the C.P.N a new S.N.O.P like alliance before it's official disovle on the first.

National symbols

National Flag

National Flag is the most recognizable symbol of Hoku with the supreme leader even owning one as of right now, two in physical form. Hoku has had only 2 national flags in its life, with one of them featuring a hammer and sickle in the style of the hammer and sickle that is shown on the Chinese Communist Party's logo in the front.

The current national flag has a gear, in the style of Communist Party USA's logo, whereas the Hokuian government believe it represents them more.

National Bird

Hoku's national bird is the red-bellied woodpecker, as it can be found by wood patches in East Tennessee.

National Animal

The national animal of the Socialist Republic of Hoku is the Cocker Spaniel, with the Supreme Leader even owning one himself.

National Dish

The national dish of the Socialist Republic of Hoku is California Sushi Roll.

National Holidays

Name Date Notes
New Year's Day January 1 The first day of the Gregorian year.
International Women's Day March 8 Celebration of respect, appreciation, and love towards women.
Birth of Hoku March 19 Celebration of the birth of our amazing nation.
Easter According to the year A holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
Pride Month Whole month of june Celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community.
Independence Day July 4 The celebration of the founding of the United States of America
Labor Day First monday of September To celebrate the many contributions workers have made to Hoku.
Patriot Day September 14 In honor of those who were killed in the September 11 terrorist attacks.
Teacher’s Day October 15 Special day for the appreciation of teachers and their special contributions to the society.
Halloween October 31 The traditional celebration of Halloween.
International Men's Day November 19 A day dedicated to love, affection, and appreciation towards men.
Christmas December 25 Traditional commemoration of Jesus Christ's birthday.
New Year's Eve December 31 The final day of the Gregorian year.


The ideology that Hoku most aligns with is Marxism-Leninism, Maoism, and Socialism.

Almendrian Takeover

Despite Hoku no longer existing, the United Socialist Republics (Almendria) took over Hoku claiming it to be theirs. Most everyone in the community agrees that Almendria is just attempting to re-annex former Almendrian Republics (ARs) that have since become sovereign nations. Because of this Hoku returned to the community.