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Departement of Solovyovagrad
Departemen Solovyovagrad
Former departement of Indokistan
Departement Republic of Indokistan
 • GovernorAli Akbar

Solovyovagrad was a former Indokistani territory located in the fictional world of Micras. It was included in Micras in 14 August 2011, and contained of four municipalities with its capital Kratsin. Solovyovagrad was dissolved in late 2015 after inactivity that resulting on the removal of the region from Micrasian world.


The region got its name several months after its establishment. Solovyovagrad name was for the first time coined by Dicky L. K. on October 2011, it was proposed actually for the name for the new parliament name that was replaced because of De-Farhanization policy. Prime Minister at that time, Mustafa Hakim successfully persuaded him to use that name for the province instead, with the new parliament renamed as Bolshoiskii.

The Solovyova name was a feminine form of Solovyov, which came from word Russian word Solovey, that means Nightingale. So roughly, the Solovyovagrad name means "City of Nightingale"


Indokistani politicians was interested in Micrasian world, especially after addition of Los Bay Petrosian territory Tanah Baru that motivating more Indokistan to immediately put their landclaims there. The proposal to add the region was passed in the parliament, and soon forwarded to Micras authority, which approved it on 14 August 2011. Indokistani government decision to put the region close to Los Bay Petros causing the country to be landlocked - the only one - and an awkwardly-shaped territory.

The territory was short-lived, with Indokistani government immediately neglected the region in 2012 during the establishment of the Emergency Government. Despite of the abandonment, Solovyovagrad was not removed from the Micras map up until late 2015. Previous attempt to expand the territory and to break the landlock was failed in mid-2012. Prior to the removal, Indokistani Micrasian football team was active and participate in intermicrasian football competition, even hosting it - thanks to Tian Abdurrahman policy.


Name Period
Lindy Lucky 14 August 2011 - September 2011
Ali Akbar September 2011 - 2012

Administrative regions

The departement of Slovyovagrad is consists of 4 muncipalities:

  • Municipality of Kratsin
  • Municipality of Spariste
  • Municipality of Gorerski
  • Municipality of Swazlek

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