Sorrenian Commonwealth Party

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Sorrenian Commonwealth Party
LeaderRichard Cunningham
Ideology • Monarchism
 • Socialism
 • Civic Nationalism
 • Traditionalism
National affiliationOpposition of Sorrenia
National Assembly
3 / 15
Executive Assembly
1 / 9
Country Sorrenia

The Sorrenian Commonwealth Party (commonly known just as the "Commonwealth Party") is a socially Conservative-Monarchist, fiscally Social Liberal political party existing within the Sorrenian Federation. It espouses the creation of a Sorrenian Monarchy, the preservation of hereditary entitlement to National Assembly seats by Sorrenian aristocrats, and the development of Sorrenian agriculture. Furthermore, the Commonwealth Party is the only Sorrenian political party to have an aggressively expansive foreign policy as a crucial part of its manifesto.


The party was created originally as a fringe movement, in the hope of creating a Kingdom out of the Sorrenian Federation; however after a poll finding that less than 25% of the Sorrenian people supported such an idea, the party set out to defend the small regional Monarchies that exist in Sorrenia. As such, the party has been very successful, stopping the larger Communist Party from eradicating Monarchism, however the party remains very small, with only 1 seat in the National Assembly.

After the December elections, the party almost faced losing recognition by the government (as parties require a minimum of 1 seat to be recognized), however President Janiszewski chose to appoint party leader Richard of Burnham Mayor of Levaria, allowing it to remain recognized.

Due to Leader Richard's veteran nature in Micronationalism, the party often acts as a guiding force for other larger parties, as it has associated with both the right-wing and left-wing in Sorrenia.

Abstract of Policies

Monarchist Policies

  • Instigate the creation of a limited monarchy over the entire Sorrenian Federation.
  • Write and legalise a Sorrenian Charter or Constitution covering the basic rights of the land, the people, the legislature and the monarchy.
  • Protect the rights of hereditary representation of Provinces, Federal Territories and Concessions within the National and Executive Assemblies by subfederal monarchs and nobles.
  • Pen an Oath of Allegiance to be sworn by subfederal monarchs, all personnel in the Sorrenian Armed Forces, and by all representatives within the National and Executive Assemblies.

Other Policies

  • Aim for the creation and subsequent nationalisation of an agricultural sector within the Sorrenian Federation.
  • Promote an aggressively expansive foreign policy to increase Sorrenian political influence in the wider Micronational community.
  • Direct the Sorrenian Federation towards full membership within the Grand Unified Micronational.
  • Create a Sorrenian Federal Census, to be completed annually.


Richard of Burnham - Governor of West Sorrenia, Chairman of the Sorrenian Commonwealth Party
Llewelyn Lawton - King of Amon Lasgalen Damian Billbrough Connor Watson