South Galwegian Democratic Republic

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South Galwegian Democratic Republic
Flag of South Galway
StatusUnrecognised revolutionary state under a provisional government
CapitalOranmore (de facto)
Official languagesEnglish
Ethnic groups
Irish, Pakistani, Polish
Catholicism, Islam
Demonym(s)South Galwegian
GovernmentUnitary socialist one party presidential republic
• President
Jake A.
• Vice President
Mike D.
De facto independence from Roscamistan
• State established and 2023 Roscami civil war
13 January 2023
• South Galwegian Democratic Republic
11 February 2023
• Estimate
CurrencyRosso (de jure)
Euro (de facto)
Time zoneGMT
• Summer (DST)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft
Internet TLD.rr (proposed)

The South Galwegian Democratic Republic was a breakaway republic formed by rebels claiming the Roscami region (later province) of Oranmore. The area was de jure Roscami territory, but in actuality was under the control of the South Galwegian Republican Army. Before its dissolution, the territory was being fought over in the 2023 Roscami civil war.


The name came from it being near the south of Galway City, hence the name South Galway.


The nation was considered to have been founded sometime in November 2022, but didn’t declare independence until January 2023. In January 2023, it declared Oranmore independent as the People's Republic of South Galway, a socialist presidential republic under a provisional government. It would change its name to the South Galwegian Democratic Republic in February 2023.

The nation collapsed after its legislature surrendered to the government of Roscamistan.

Politics and government

The nation was a one party state under the South Galwegian People's Party, and the President of South Galway. The Volkskammer served as the legislature.

Early government

South Galway was previously under a provisional government.


The President was the chief executive of the nation, elected by the Volkskammer. However, due to the status awarded to the South Galwegian People's Party, he was overshadowed by the Chairman of the South Galwegian People's Party. The Chairman of the Volkskammer was considered the third leading official of the state.

Chairman of the Volkskammer

The Chairman of the Volkskammer was the presiding office of said legislature. He presided over acts of law, and the election of the President of South Galway. He was elected by the members of the Volkskammer.


The Volkskammer was the unicameral legislature of the nation. It was composed of five seats, elected by the people every 3 months in January, April, July and October. It elected the President and passed all laws in the nation.

Political parties

There was one party in the state, the South Galwegian People’s Party. It was the only one legally allowed to exist, and operated nationwide. It used the South Galwegian flag as its logo.

Logo Name Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies Volkskammer
South Galwegian People’s Party SGPP Jake A. Left-wing Socialism, Radicalism
5 / 5

Law and order

The Volkskammer and its affiliated bodies controlled law and order in the nation.


The South Galwegian Republican Army was the military of the nation, and was headed by Jack A., who was supreme commander.

Foreign relations

South Galway previously had relations with the Roscami Government in Exile, the Connemara Republic and informally the Kingdom of Fontasia

Formerly recognized

Administrative regions

The nation had only one subdivision, its claimed capital of Oranmore.

Geography and climate

The nation was near the Oranmore part of Galway bay and rained most days of the year.


The Roscamistan rosso was used as a provisional currency.


The nation embraced Polish, Irish, Pakistani and German cultures, unlike the mainly monocultural nation of Roscamistan.


Date Name Remarks
11 November Polish Independence Day A day honouring the independence of modern Poland

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